Ways how to find startups to invest in

How to find startups to invest in, when done properly, investing in new businesses may reap significant financial rewards. Given the abundance of options, it might be challenging to choose the best platform for investing in startups. So that you can select the ideal venue for you, we’ll go through the most reputable places online, where and how to find startups to invest in, what sets them apart from one another, and how the investment process works on each. This article uncovers the answer to finding startups to invest in.

Sites for Investing in New Businesses

Each of the top startup investment websites below takes a somewhat different tack when it comes to matching entrepreneurs with investors and other resources. Carefully peruse each to choose the best fit for your needs and budget.


SeedInvest is well-known in the startup investment industry for having successfully raised over $100 million for over 150 startups. Both qualified and unqualified individuals may take advantage of the many investment options they provide. There are more than 250,000 investors in the platform’s network, but they have a strict application procedure to weed out unqualified businesses. Acceptance rates hover around 1%, and firms must have at least two full-time employees. SeedInvest is more interested in technology and consumer-focused businesses.


StartEngine is among the most popular equity crowdfunding sites in the United States. The firm collaborates closely with new businesses to develop effective marketing strategies to attract financial backers.

StartEngine’s design team helps businesses attract investors while also providing account managers with drag-and-drop building blocks. In other words, this is a fantastic opportunity to identify a startup in the United States to invest in since all of them must be situated there. Because investors don’t have to pay any listing fees, it’s becoming a more attractive place to put money into new businesses.


If just 2% of firms are selected annually by FundersClub, they get full funding. FundersClub favors firms with high growth and profit potential. Companies utilizing the platform give up a cut of their future earnings in exchange for the opportunity to access it. By joining the founder community, startups may network with other business owners and learn about upcoming online and offline events. Private team startups with experience launching and selling a business are now available via FundersClub.


Indiegogo began in 2007 as a forum for individuals to collect money for causes, but it has now expanded to support funding for various initiatives, including new businesses. Indiegogo is a platform where startups may raise money from donors in exchange for incentives. As more money is donated, Indiegogo will provide additional tools to spread the word about the campaign. There is room for innovation in the incentives offered by startups, but early access to the product, discounts, or unique experiences are always well received.

Investing: A Wild Goose Chase

One way in which Investor Hunt differs from the other sites below is that it focuses specifically on helping entrepreneurs get funding and other useful tools. In addition, there is a forum where company founders may pose questions to the community and get feedback from other business owners. Even before they are approved, startups may check the extensive database to determine whether the correct kind of investor is out there.

Republic, a subsidiary of AngelList, removes the barriers to entry for ordinary individuals to invest in startups by charging as low as $10.


Wefunder, which bills itself as “one of the longest-running online investment platforms,” claims to have assisted the greatest number of entrepreneurs in launching profitable firms. Wefunder stands out from other platforms since it allows investors to convert their funds into equity through convertible notes. This is a wonderful choice if a fledgling company needs money but has yet to be ready to give up stock. Though there are no charges until a transaction is done with an investor, Wefunder will take a 7.5% share of the proceeds.


AngelList is one of the major internet venues you may use if you’re looking to invest. Investors may search for companies, narrow their results by industry or geographic region, and check ratings and comments from other investors. After submitting a profile for review by AngelList, startups can begin fundraising immediately.


Identifying new businesses is challenging. You need to give the procedure your whole attention. However, optimizing various parts of the startup environment becomes easier if you know where to look. Now we get the answer about how to find startups to invest in.


Should one put money into a new company?

Funding a business in return for the stock may be very lucrative, but only if you choose the right one.

How to find startups to invest in?

An investor will put up money in return for stock in the business.