How to change page Color in Google docs?

How to change page color in Google docs? Changing the page color in Google Docs can give your projects a more unique feel or boost their aesthetic value. Changing the page color is a quick and easy way to give your document a fresh look or complement your personal taste. In this article, we’ll look at the several ways available for altering the page color in Google Docs on various devices. We will provide detailed instructions on how to get the desired page color on your computer, mobile device, or IPad.

The impact of page color changes on formatting and printing will also be discussed, as will the possibility of using several page colors within a single document. The world of Google Docs is waiting for you to explore it and learn how to change page color in Google docs?

When Working with Google Docs and How to change page color in Google docs?

There are several situations in which changing the background colour in Google Docs may be helpful. For starters, add your flair to the paper and make it one-of-a-kind. You may use the backdrop colour to establish a specific tone or coordinate with your brand. Changing the backdrop colour is also great for drawing attention to specific points. Group projects or presentations help everyone stay on the same page and zero in on the needed information.

Why Change the Google Docs Background Color?

Changing the color of the document’s backdrop in Google Docs can serve a variety of reasons and provide a number of benefits to the projects you’re working on. Please consider the following five reasons before deciding whether or not to alter the color of the background:

  • Visual Enhancement:

Changing the color of the background of your document can have a major impact on how appealing it is to look at. You may make reading more interesting and attractive to the eye by selecting a color that either goes well with the text or corresponds to a certain subject. This will help create an overall better reading experience.

  • Personal branding:

Changing the color of the backdrop gives you the opportunity to include parts of your brand or personal preferences into the papers you create. This is especially helpful for businesses, as it is essential for them to maintain brand consistency throughout the many materials that they utilize.

  • Highlighting Sections:

Changing the color of the backdrop helps make it easier to distinguish between different sections inside a page. You are able to visually highlight and arrange the material more efficiently by assigning separate colors to specific elements of your content, such as headings, subheadings, or essential sections, among other important sections.

  • Readability and access:

Your document’s readability and accessibility can both be improved by selecting a suitable backdrop color. For example, if you have readers who have visual impairments or who are sensitive to bright backgrounds, making the text more legible by using a color with a lower contrast or by selecting a hue that is softer can help.

  • Visuals and Presentations:

When creating presentations with Google Docs, altering the color of the background can have a considerable impact on the presentation’s attractiveness to the eye as a whole. It is possible to construct a backdrop that is congruent with the subject matter or theme of your presentation, which will make it more interesting for the audience.

Word’s built-in page color editor:

How to change page color in Google docs

Open the document in Word and choose the “Design” option from the main menu to make colour adjustments to the pages. Click the “Page Color” button under “Page Background” to open the colour picker. Click “More Colors” to mix your own hues, or choose one from the preset selection. Page backgrounds may also be customized using images or gradients. The page’s colour will adjust to reflect your choice. Word’s page colour will only appear on screen or in printed documents if you print with a coloured background.

Google Docs for iPad:

How to change page color in Google docs

1: On an iPad running Google Docs, pressing the three vertical dots in the top-right corner will expose a backdrop color pallet.

2: The options “Print Layout” and “Page Setup” may be in the menu.

3: Select a color from the palette or type in its hexadecimal representation using the “Page colour” option’s colour picker.

4: Create your color by selecting “Custom” and using the colour sliders. A colour and “OK” establish the document’s backdrop.

5: Changing the background color might make your iPad document seem more polished.

Google Docs text background color:

How to change page color in Google docs

Select the text or paragraph in Google Docs whose background color you want to modify. Then, in the main menu, choose the “A” with a coloured square behind it, which is the “Text background colour” button. A colour picker will pop up to change the text’s backdrop colour. Use the preset colours or click “Custom” to generate your own. After selecting, the text will match the background. This tool allows you to highlight essential parts of your writing graphically.

How to alter the hue of Google Docs page?

Here’s how to alter the hue of just one Google Docs page:

1: First, place a page break at the end of the previous page and the beginning of the page.

2: Next, pick the page break by clicking on it.

3: Then, from the “Format” menu, choose “Paragraph styles” and settle on “Normal text.”

4: Select the appropriate color for the text background by clicking the arrow next to “Text background colour” in the resulting sidebar.

5: Selecting a specific page will change the background color there.

6: Add new page breaks and change the colours to continue the procedure for further pages.

Google Docs page colour-changing instructions:

How to change page color in Google docs

Open the Google Docs app on a mobile device and select the pencil icon from the toolbar to alter the page’s color. Click the three-dot button in the top right corner and select “Print Layout.” After that, press the icon with three parallel lines and select “Page setup” from the menu.¬† Tap the “Page color” palette or enter the color code to choose a color. In the “Custom” tab, modify the hue, saturation, and brightness sliders to create your own color. After selecting a color for a document page, pressing “OK” will make it the default. We should modify Google Docs’ color palette.

Google Docs for Android Changing:

How to change page color in Google docs

When viewing a Google Doc on an Android device, you may change the colour of the page by tapping the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. In the menu, choose “Print Layout.” Now, touch the menu button (three vertical dots) and choose “Page setup.” Tap the colour palette under “Page colour” to choose a colour or type in the colour code. Create your colour by choosing “Custom” and using the hue, saturation, and brightness sliders. Selecting a colour and clicking “OK” is the page’s default. Google Docs for Android has new page colour.


Google Docs’ page colour feature is a great way to add a personal touch and boost your papers’ aesthetic appeal. Changing the backdrop colour allows you to put your stamp on projects, make them more in line with your brand, or explore new conceptual avenues. It aids in separating apart parts and emphasizing key points, both of which boost reading and interest. Changing the page colour polishes your project, document, or presentation, whether you’re working alone or with others.


How can I change the colour of a page in Google Docs?

It “Page colour” option is located in the “Paper” menu, which may be accessed by clicking “File” in the upper left corner, then “Page setup,” and finally, “Page colour.” Choose a colour from the palette, type in a colour code, or use the sliders to make your own.

Can I have different parts of my Google Docs have different page colours?

Unfortunately, applying a different page colour to different document parts inside Google Docs is impossible. Inserting page breaks and colouring each new part independently allows you to create distinct sections with unique page colours.

Will formatting and printing be affected?

Do not be concerned that changing the page color of your Google Doc may interfere with formatting or printing.  Formatting, layout, and printing are unaffected by page colour. The print preview may not display page colour, but it will print correctly.


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