How tall is bakugou now? Character Birthdays, Ages, and Height in My Hero Academia!

How tall is bakugou now in feet, how tall is bakugou now in cm and how tall is bakugou now in the meter? Katsuki Bakugo is 172 cm, 1.72 meters or 5 feet, and eight and three-quarter inches tall. Every member of My Hero Academia’s cast is vital to the story. Find out that all the leading players are right here. Because of its straightforward plot and well-developed, instantly likable characters, My Hero Academia has become one of the most successful shonen anime of all time. How tall is bakugou now? The main characters of My Hero Academia have grown and changed dramatically since the show’s debut.

Those who are deeply invested in the heroes of My Hero Academia will naturally want to know everything there is to know about them, from their background stories to their favorite powers. With this in mind, here you’ll find a complete list of the ages, heights, and birthdates of every significant character in My Hero Academia. How tall is bakugou now?

No introduction is necessary for the excellent anime series My Hero Academia. The show provides a fresh perspective on the superhero genre, showing how young people with extraordinary “Quirks” are trained to use their abilities to fight crime. Since the most recent season has been focusing on the Paranormal Liberation War subplot, things would heat up considerably. Fans of My Hero Academia who want to learn everything there is to know about their favorite heroes and villains can do so by reading this book.

Izuku Midoriya:

Thanks to All Might bestowed upon him by the One for All power, My Hero Academia’s hero is among the most formidable and likable of the show’s many protagonists.

Izuku’s development throughout the series, in terms of his abilities and character, is a significant draw. It’s excellent that Deku will be at the center of every plot arc in My Hero Academia.

Katsuki Bakugo:

A time came when Bakugo seemed like no more than a generic antagonist thrown in to pit the protagonist against. Eventually, his confrontation with Midoriya revealed a more nuanced aspect of his nature.

Since then, Bakugo’s boisterous and explosive demeanor has become one of the most appealing aspects of the series.

Shoto Todoroki:

Todoroki’s acceptance of his fire talents and the growth of his character have made him a memorable character despite his having been endowed with one of the most potent Quirks in the series from birth. How tall is bakugou now in cm? Katsuki Bakugo is 172 cm tall.

Even if Todoroki hasn’t been given as much screen time in recent seasons as in earlier plots, he’s still an essential cog in the machine. His potential is enormous, and he has yet to begin to tap into it.

Uraraka Ochaco:

Even though Uraraka only had a few opportunities to showcase her Quirk, she’s nonetheless fascinating. Uraraka is meant to be Midoriya’s love interest; nonetheless, the treatment of their potential romance has harmed Midoriya’s personality.

Players who can get past the character’s shaky scripting here and there will be rewarded with a lot of fun from their interaction with her gregarious spirit elsewhere. Given that she hasn’t seen nearly as much screen time in combat as some of the other minor characters in the series, her power is absorbing and can be used innovatively throughout the program.

Tenya Ida:

One of Midoriya’s best friends and the class’s moral compass, Ida is one of several people in My Hero Academia whose Quirk has a lot of promise. How tall is bakugou now in the meter? Katsuki Bakugo is 1.72 meter tall. Unfortunately, Ida hasn’t had many opportunities to shine in the anime aside from sporadic occasions like his fight against the Hero Killer Stain. With any luck, the subsequent arcs of My Hero Academia will put him back in the limelight.

Itami Fumikage:

Fumikage Tsukuyomi, better known for his superhero identity, Jet-Black Hero, possesses one of the most intriguing Quirks in the My Hero Academia series. As its name suggests, the Dark Shadow is a sentient monster that gains strength when exposed to a lack of light. However, the more powerful Dark Shadow becomes, the more difficult it is for Fumikage to keep it under control.

In most social occasions, Fumikage is typically relegated to the background, especially at the novel’s beginning; however, this is starting to change. Powerful, well-liked, and dependable sums up Fumikage.

Togata, Mirio;

Mario, the top student at U.A. High School, has a lively and carefree demeanor that belies his heroism and fighting prowess. It is easy to see why Mirio was deemed a worthy successor to this world’s greatest hero before All Might discovered Deku and prevented him from succeeding One for All and becoming the new Symbol of Peace.

The student has fully developed the potential of Mirio’s Quirk, Permeation, which renders him invisible. Despite losing his abilities in the battle with Overhaul, his admirers believe he can become a major hero again if Eri can master her abilities.

Aizawa Shota

The first-period homeroom teacher in Room A1 is a superhumanly heroic figure. The power to temporarily nullify Quirks, which Aizawa possesses, has come in very handy on more than one occasion. How tall is bakugou now in feet?  Katsuki Bakugo is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

It’s simple to see why Eraserhead is a fan favorite among many people because of this and his skill with hand-to-hand combat. Given the events that have taken place up to this point in the manga, it will be fascinating to see how he performs in a confrontation in which everything is on the line.

Maximum Power:

The previous No. 1 Hero is a popular figure in the anime My Hero Academia, and it’s easy to see why: his split personality is fascinating. The current iteration of All Might may be insignificant, but his accomplishments and legacy more than makeup for it.

All Might, during his prime, deservedly held the top rank; he was a talented user of One for All who effectively used the power to eliminate threats to civilians. What part his helpless opposite number will play in what’s to come is anyone’s guess.


When the show first began, Endeavor was shown as a terrible parent. He seemed petty for having to live in All Might’s shadow until the former No. 1 Hero was forcibly retired, and there was some evidence that he had harmed his wife and children.

Endeavor’s persona has been developed extensively over the years to make him more likable to viewers who were initially solely exposed to his more barbaric traits. Defeating the more advanced Nomu was a big turning point for Endeavor, and his storyline is heading in a positive direction.

All for One:

All for one is an intriguing adversary since he is a nasty villain whose conflict with All Might put the wielder of One for All out of business for good. Besides the incredible battle, he had with All Might, his random cameos throughout the series have been great fun.

All for one will be replaced by another villain with a lot of promise, considering how the anime and manga events have played out.

Tomura Shigaraki:

One of the terrifying antagonists in the show is Shigaraki. He’s a fascinating villain with twisted motivations and terrible power and will play a significant role in the rest of My Hero Academia.

The interaction between Shigaraki and Midoriya is fascinating to observe. Most viewers are looking forward to the ultimate showdown between the protagonists representing good and those representing evil.


Eri, a little girl at the center of the Shie Hassaikai Arc, has endured unimaginable hardships for most of her short existence. Because of her Quirk, Rewind, Eri can take a person back to any point in their history, even before they were born. Eri eventually met Kai Chisaki, who used her for selfish purposes after he captured her.

Supporting Eri’s cause is simple. My Hero Academia features a significant emotional payout for her journey through the show. Her potential to become one of the most powerful heroes in My Hero Academia is widely recognized, and viewers eagerly anticipate the day she masters her Quirk.

Himiko Toga:

Himiko Toga, the antagonist of My Hero Academia, is fascinating. Her yandere image won over audiences eager to see more of this ruthless antagonist. Even more fascinating is that her pathological obsession with Midoriya adds to her allure.

In the latest season of My Hero Academia, the antagonists and what they’re willing to do to make Shigaraki’s goal come true were given more attention. Because of this, Himiko gained additional abilities, allowing her to take on the Quirk of the person she is imitating. Simply put, Toga will play a pivotal role in My Hero Academia and make excellent use of her abilities during the Paranormal Liberation War narrative.


Twice is another villain who has won over the hearts of the audience. The episode that revealed more about him was engaging and revealed a layer of complexity to this villain’s character. Taking a character whose central conflict is whether or not they are a clone makes for an exciting turn, and his Quirk develops into something truly remarkable throughout the show’s final season.

As a result of witnessing Himiko’s near death at the hands of Re-minions, Destro’s Twice unlocked a new power that allowed him to create as many clones as he wished without many restrictions. We have yet to see how Twice will use his enhanced abilities in the anime, but it’s simple to see why this skill would represent a significant threat to the heroes.