How much is 28.8 acres cost, and what do you need to know?

How much is 28.8 acres cost, how much is 28.8 acres worth and how much is 28 acres of land cost? The price of farmland in the United States is an average of $3,160 per acre, although the price of land in big cities is significantly higher. There is a broad range of variation in the price of an acre of land due to several factors such as location, the economic situation, and attractiveness. Here we will give you all information about how much is 28.8 acres cost, how much 28.8 acres cost, how much does 28.8 acres cost, 28 acres of land price and how much money is 28 acres.

What is the going rate for an acre of land?

The price varies widely from one place to another, so there’s no simple solution here. The average land cost in a rural area suitable for farming is $3,160 per acre. It will cost you much more money to relocate to a more populated area, the city core or the nearby suburbs.

For instance, the New York City metropolitan area has an average price per acre of almost $5.2 million. You may expect to spend around $2.6 million in the greater Los Angeles–Long Beach area. The Stamford-Norwalk, CT metro region has an average acre of the land price of $1.5 million, making Connecticut just as expensive.

28 acres of land price:

It’s clear how big of a difference location makes in these costs. An acre of property in Kings County, New York, costs $23 million, but the same size parcel in Yell County, Arkansas, costs just $5,500. Property near big cities tends to be more expensive than land in rural or suburban settings. Property close to the coast is often more costly than land farther inland. Land purchasers should think about more than just location when making decisions. Land values are very sensitive to economic activity.

Unfavorable environment for land loss:

A neighborhood’s value increases in proportion to the availability of good jobs, schools, and public amenities like parks and hospitals. When an area’s economy is struggling, firms leave, and unemployment rates rise, causing a drop in land values. Appearances matter as well. Homes on the property with picturesque views of the sea, mountains, flora, and fauna sell for a premium. Land loses value when it is in an unfavorable environment, such as one with a high risk of natural catastrophes or next to a chemical or nuclear power plant.

Approximately how large is an acre?

In the United States, one acre equals 43,560 square feet. In farming, the dimensions of 660 feet in length and 66 feet in width are used to define one acre. If you need help picturing an acre of land, try thinking of an American football field as a rough guide. A football field is a convenient reference point, despite being somewhat bigger than an acre.

How does one find a suitable property?

It might be nerve-wracking to look for vacant property in a residential location instead of an existing house. Searching for a vacant property is less likely to yield for sale signs and open houses. While real estate listing websites are still helpful, you might have more luck finding a good deal on land by working with a real estate agent who specializes in land purchases in the area or by simply letting the people in the community you’re interested in knowing that you’re on the hunt for some land.

What things to keep in mind while purchasing land?

Let everyone know that you are in the market for some land; word of mouth is often the key to locating a bargain. Still, it’s a good idea to hire a real estate agent to help you learn more about the neighborhood and any special zoning considerations you should be aware of. When it’s time to make an offer and finalize the purchase of land, they’ll ensure you’re prepared.

Whether you’re visiting a new area and coming across some unoccupied property that piques your interest, it’s a good idea to see if the owner is listed in the local tax records so you can approach them about selling. Asking the correct questions before making an offer on a piece of land may save you time, money, and heartache. When purchasing land, it’s essential to think about the following.

What is land’s zoning?

Make sure you know exactly what you can do with the property by checking with the local planning agency before making any acquisitions. You would want to avoid purchasing a piece of property, thinking you could turn it into a home, only to find out you could only use it for farming or manufacturing. Confirm the areas of the property where construction is permitted before breaking ground. The distance between a home’s foundation and a property boundary or curb may be limited in certain areas.

Do you have water, sewage, and gas?

In such cases, you should have a strategy to deal with these difficulties, such as constructing a septic tank. Make sure the ground can support the alterations before making them. If you can’t dig a well on the property due to restrictions from a private water provider or a shared well arrangement, you may need to bring in water by truck. If you’re considering a rural relocation, it’s essential to make sure you’ll have reliable mobile phone and internet access.

How much will clear the land cost?

In order to make appropriate preparations, it is essential to get estimates from any contractors you may need to hire to clear land. If structures on the site need to be demolished, you should make plans for both the demolition work and the debris collection.

For how long can you commit?

Even before you commit to buying property, there may be a lot to do. There are many moving parts involved in purchasing property, and it might take a long time to get everything in order. You’ll have your hands busy getting permits, putting up utilities, surveying, collecting funding, and constructing the structure. Think long and hard about whether you’re prepared to make that commitment. Take your time with purchasing a new house before consulting with Orchard.

How much is 28.8 acres cost?

As was previously said, land prices in the United States vary widely from one state to the next and depend on various factors, including geography. Here, nevertheless, is the response to your question on specific conditions:


Acre: $7,364 Value

The price tag for 28.8 acres comes in at $212,083.2.


Dollars and cents: $1,558 an acre

There is a $44,870.4 value for a plot of 28.8 acres in size.

State of New Mexico:

Amount of money per acre: $1,931

Fifty-five thousand six hundred twenty-eight dollars is the estimated value of 28.8 acres.


The average price per acre is $39.092

The price tag for the 28.8 acres comes in at $1,125,849.6.


What is the going rate for 28.8 acres of land?

Before the market meltdown in the early 2000s, the land was valued at about $18,000 per acre. It has increased in worth to $80,000 at this time.

How much does 1 acre of land cost in the United States?

In New Jersey, one acre of property can cost a staggering $196,410, making it the most expensive state in the US for real estate. In the United States, a quarter of an acre equals 10,871 square feet.

Can you estimate 28.8 acres and how much is 28.8 acres cost?

Acres are $2135 each. The asking price for these 28.8 acres is $61489. Acres are listed at $7364.