New York bus stops offer Greyhound service.

Greyhound bus station near me: Intercity bus service Greyhound Lines, Inc. provides service to thousands of destinations across North America. Greyhound, Lucky Streak, and BoltBus are some of the bus services provided by the company. Buses connect passengers to and from Amtrak trains run by Amtrak and sell tickets issued by Amtrak. As well as commuter bus services, Greyhound Connect offers package delivery services. Charter bus service is also available. Greyhound has 123 routes under its belt. Greyhound Bus has 230 full-service stations on its list of locations of Greyhound bus station near me.

Stations for Greyhounds:

At this writing, there are 230 Greyhound terminals in the United States where you can catch a bus and purchase tickets. These are Greyhound-branded stations run by Greyhound employees or agents. Finding a Greyhound ticket booth and waiting room within larger transportation hubs like the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City is possible.

List of its affiliates:

We collaborate with a wide range of bus companies around the United States, allowing us to extend our service to more locations. The result is that the Greyhound bus station near me may make occasional stops at stations and other facilities owned or operated by our partner firms or agents.

New York bus stops offer Greyhound service:

The Big Apple:

Walk one block to the George Washington Bridge Bus Station on the IND 8th Avenue Line from 175th Street Station in Manhattan.


The Greyhound Station is located next door to the Albany Bus Terminal in downtown Albany. To get to the train station, you can take a CDTA bus or a taxi. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth or the will-call.


On Washington Avenue, at a distance of two miles northwest of downtown Kingston, you’ll find the Kingston Bus Station. Will call is available, but there is no free parking at this location.


Mountain Mart on Route 9 in Plattsburgh serves as a Greyhound pick-up location. Towards Cumberland Bay State Park, follow US 9 S from downtown Plattsburgh. To avoid paying to park, use the ticket call service or the free parking.


On E. Green Street in downtown Ithaca is the Ithaca Bus Station. To go from the university to the train station, hop on the TCAT bus. Package Express and a ticket office are also available at this site.

When Taking Greyhound Bus Cross-Country:

What to expect if you’re planning a Greyhound bus trip across the United States? The following are five things you should know about your next trip.

Getting there will take some time:

In the United States, a cross-country Greyhound bus travel takes at least 24 to 36 hours. Your journey could take up to three days, or even longer, depending on where you start and where you end up. If time is not an issue and you enjoy seeing the country, a few days on the bus can be a terrific way to get there. But if you’re in a hurry to get to your location or if you get bored sitting for long periods, you may want to look into flying as an option.

Variety of Buses Will Carry You to Your Destination:

Your Greyhound bus journey throughout the United States will not be confined to a single-vehicle. If you plan on taking more than one route during your journey, you’ll have to swap buses several times. If you want to get from Florida to the Pacific Northwest, your first stop might be Atlanta, Georgia. To get from Atlanta to Chicago, you can change your route in Atlanta. Because you’re changing bus lines, you’ll have to change buses in Atlanta.

At the Very Least, You’ll have a Long Layover.

Layovers are the worst part of a Greyhound bus ride across the country. Layovers happen when you have to wait at a station for the next bus to arrive while you change bus routes or buses. While the length of a stopover varies greatly by route, you may expect to spend anywhere from 30 minutes and eight hours there. And a Greyhound bus station layover is what it sounds like.

Entertained by playing music or films:

Most travelers keep themselves entertained on long flights by playing music or films on their phones, sleeping, or conversing with their fellow passengers. There are few diners within certain Greyhound bus terminals where food is sold. If you’ve had a long layover, you can have a relaxing supper. Just make sure you get back to the Greyhound bus station near me in plenty of time for your next bus to leave.

Taking Bus to Your Destination Has Lot of Stops:

It is not uncommon for Greyhound buses to make several different stops along the way, even while traveling cross-country. Numerous passengers are picked up at minor local stops that aren’t part of the Greyhound system but are nevertheless considered part of the service. Typically, these stops are only a few minutes long so that people may get on and off the train promptly.  For starters, you’ll want to make use of the available restrooms.

Clean restrooms:

In addition to being notoriously dirty, the restrooms on Greyhound bus station near me and at stations are also renowned. It isn’t until you’ve been on Greyhound for a long period that you realize just how important it is to have clean restrooms. In most circumstances, you’ll be sitting next to a stranger. Layovers aren’t always fun when it comes to layovers, but they can be managed if you keep yourself occupied and keep yourself safe.

Involvement with Diverse Group of Individuals:

The individuals you meet on a Greyhound bus are one of the most interesting aspects of the experience. Passengers in the United States have never had a better opportunity to meet new people than the train. People of various ethnicities, faiths, backgrounds and social statuses ride the Greyhound bus every day, and you can expect to experience all of them. People watching is a great way to pass the time on a cross-country bus trip.


The last thing you need is an even longer stopover because of a missed connecting bus due to returning late. Those two or three days you spent watching the country pass by from the window of a Greyhound bus will likely remain etched in your memory for years to come. Now that you’ve learned a few things about what to expect on your vacation, you’ll be more equipped to enjoy it. A trip that would take eight hours by vehicle could take up to 13 hours or more by Greyhound bus station near me.

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