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Goodnotes planner is excellent software if you’re looking for an app that lets you take notes on your digital planner. The Goodnotes app for digital planning is only one of many valuable functions you’ll discover as you get familiar with it. A PDF digital planner in conjunction with a note-taking tool like GoodNotes is the best way to increase one’s level of organization and productivity. Intuitive capabilities replicating a traditional planner’s functionality are found in a Digital Planner’s intuitive interface. Straightforward editing, bookmarking, and adding personal touches like stickers and clipart are some advantages of authoring in your handwriting. Here we will discuss goodnotes planner.

How do I use goodnotes online planner?

You’ll be taken to the document section when you first start the GoodNotes app on your iPad. To begin, go to your app’s documents section and choose from your Digital Planner, Digital Bullet Journal, or Digital Notebook.

Creating folders in goodnotes planner:

No folders can be used to arrange your files. Allows many planners or papers of the same sort or group to be kept together in a single place. An excellent analogy is to think of folders as binder systems if you are already familiar with the binder system used. A ” home ” binder is where you keep all the information about your home. If you had a Home Folder, you would place any relevant planners, such as a cleaning or meal prep schedule, into it.

How should a planner apply goodnotes to their work?

Use Goodnotes as an annotation tool for PDFs or a digital notebook and planner with tabs like the paper versions we are used to. Linking is disabled if you’re in “Read Mode.” Switching from the “Read Mode” to writing mode is necessary before using the pen tool. Follow these steps to learn how to use GoodNotes for digital planning.

Using Hyperlinks in GoodNotes:

You can think of hyperlinks as a component of your Digital Bullet Journal or your Digital Planner. To get the most out of your calendar, look for designs with hyperlinks. We would go so far as to argue that excellent hyperlinks will be the deciding factor between an incredible Digital Planner that helps you save time and effort and one that is annoying to use and makes things more difficult for you.


As a result, you won’t have to waste time scrolling through your calendar to find the pages you need. Simple instructions are provided below to help you quickly locate your goals and budget pages in Microsoft Word or Excel. It will save you time and effort by making finding the information you need easier.


You’ll find “Favorites” and “Outlines” tabs alongside the thumbnail views already in the Quickview. Because they act as hyperlinked tabs, these features make it easy to move around the planner when using goodnotes planner. Favorites and Outlines can speed up your navigation when your document has grown too huge to be readily navigated. You don’t have to look through your planner to find the pages you frequently refer to.

How to Add Favorite Pages to goodnotes planner 5:

If you only want to bookmark a few select pages, click on the bookmark icon in the navigation bar. There’s nothing further you need to do after this. A red ribbon indicates that a page has been bookmarked, making it easier to access in the Quickview’s Favorites menu.


It works just like any other website’s search bar. Type in what you’re looking for, and it will discover it on the pages you’ve selected in your planner. To save time and make your life easier, use this tool if you can’t remember where something is in your calendar or if you want to find all the pages that have something to do with your search item.

Undo or redo a previous action:

The preceding step will be re-run using the redo command. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, you’ll notice two arrows forming a circle. To undo and redo past activities, these are the icons. In a way, undo is similar to a “fast erase.” Undo lets you quickly go back one step in your work without having to go back and physically “rub out” your error. Using this approach of erasing can be a more efficient and organized option.

Goodnotes planner Writing Mode:

It’s difficult to type in the small boxes offered when the computer is showing the entire page. In contrast, GoodNotes makes it incredibly easy to zoom text and photos. You’ll be able to make some areas of the website fill the entire screen with this function. Calendars and other products with small print are ideal for writing and reading the fine print. When you’re done zooming in, you can quickly go back to the full-page view to get a better sense of the whole page.

To use a pen to write:

Previously, we have indicated that digital bullet journals and digital planners are superior to traditional diaries in some situations. One of the reasons we believe this is because of the usefulness of this particular instrument. In the past, we’ve spent a lot of money buying a wide variety of colored pens since we were addicted to stationery. This device can hold all those writing implements in your hand.

Shape-changing tool:

itis one of our favorite GoodNotes features because we take great satisfaction in our ability to stay well-organized. Freehand shapes become crisp and well-defined, thanks to this. Let’s imagine you’ve made a special note in your calendar of something you’d like people to know about. Using this feature, you can create a perfect circle or eclipse from an initial free-hand design.

Lasso Tool:

You’ll find yourself using this device regularly. Text and photos already on your website can be selected and edited in various ways, such as cropping or resizing. You can use it to regularly transfer information to other sites, such as monthly or weekly errands. This app’s handwriting-to-text conversion tool is also quite handy. It paves the way for a whole new range of creative endeavors.

In GoodNotes, how does one use the Lasso tool?

At the very top of the page is an icon resembling a dotted lasso. This information allows you to customize the lasso to your heart’s content. During this step, you’ll need to pay close attention to the details because the lasso will catch everything you’ve selected.

1: The lasso is incredibly easy to move across your page or your planner after picking it up. You may also change the size.

2: A drop-down menu will appear when you tap and hold the lasso selection.

3: Your handwritten notes will appear in a text box on the screen after you click the Convert button.

4: By clicking the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen, you can send this text to other people.

The Text-Entry Device:

Even if you like to write in your planner by hand, there may be times when entering the information is more practical. If typing is handier for you than writing your complete planner, go ahead and do it. In this case, there are no rules to adhere to. When typing, you have access to the same fantastic options as when using the standard keyboard, such as font selection, font size adjustment, etc. It’s easy to do, and there are many high-quality Bluetooth keyboards on the market.

With the Type Tool in GoodNotes, how do you use it?

Continue by clicking the box with the letter T inside its icon. It opens a text box on your planner’s page that you may move around as needed.

To add a text box, click where you want it to appear on the page.

You have complete discretion over when you begin typing.

You can change the text size, type, and color to your heart’s content.


It would help if you played with the many features described in this book when you start a new Digital Bullet Journal. Everyone’s needs are different, so everyone will utilize their planner in a tailored way to fit their specific situation. Play around with the many tools available to save time and effort while making your Digital Bullet Journal as valuable as possible.


What are some of the most common reasons people use GoodNotes?

When using goodnotes planner, you may share individual notes and entire notebooks. Only other GoodNotes users can see the URLs you share through the app, so be careful what you share.

To use GoodNotes, is there a one-time fee?

Thanks to its universal software design, you’ll only need to upgrade goodnotes planner five times for all of your Apple devices. It speeds up the process of updating.