Gas stations that take apple pay-Complete Guide for 2022!

Gas stations that take apple pay and other contactless payment solutions are becoming more widespread at gas stations. For example, you may now use your iPhone or Apple Watch to purchase at over 33 petrol stations around you. Apple Pay is accepted at these places. Apple Pay is a contactless electronic payment method for iPhones and Apple Watches. Unlike credit cards and cash, Apple Pay doesn’t share financial data with merchants. Apple Pay is safer than credit cards and money because of this. Apple Pay is accepted at 7-Eleven, Exxon Mobil, Texaco, Shell, and ARCO. Here we will discuss gas stations that take apple pay.

How Do You Make a Gas Purchase Using Apple Pay?

Paying for gas with an Apple device rather than a debit or credit card, Reliacard, or cash is now possible at petrol stations near you. When you pay using Apple Pay, the vendor cannot access the credit card information saved on your device. As a result, there’s no way the information could be compromised. Your personal information is protected by using a unique transaction code instead of your credit card number for each transaction.

Can I buy gas using Apple Pay?

Many convenience stores and petrol stations now accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment because of the increased demand for contactless payment options. Because Apple Pay does not disclose your financial information to retailers, it is more secure than using credit cards, debit cards, or cash. Apple Pay is supported at the pump, the store, and the app at the gas stations listed on our page.

Where should I look to find a gas station that accepts Apple Pay?

Because there are so many different gas station chains, this list does not contain all of the ones that take Apple Pay. As a result, knowing how to utilize the Maps app to look for gas stations that accept Apple Pay in your neighborhood is critical. Check out this page to learn more about using Apple Pay in Maps.

Can I use Apple Pay at ExxonMobil?

Apple Pay is accepted at ExxonMobil gas stations. Thus the answer is yes. Apple Watch and iPhone can be used to pay for gas at the pump. Using the contactless reader only takes a few seconds; place your iPhone near it and wait for the beep and vibration. Shell gas stations respond to Alexa-enabled devices by saying, “Hey Alexa, pay for gas.” It will ask you to check the pump number before charging your Amazon Pay account while using an Apple Pay gas station.

Is it possible to pay for gas at the Costco gas station with Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay, you must have a Visa debit or credit card linked to the NFC scanner on the pump at the Costco gas station. You can perform transactions without physical contact by placing your credit or debit card with an EMV smart chip next to the NFC scanner. The bulk of Costco gas pumps had been refurbished by 2021; however, the retailer’s locations still lacked the latest contactless payment technology.

Do Sam’s Club gas stations accept Apple Pay?

The Sam’s Club gas stations that take apple pay, alas, do not support the use of Apple Pay in any of its transactions. It is because Sam’s Warehouse Club wants its members to use the “Scan and Go” technology available in the Sam’s Club mobile app. Customers who do not wish to use Apple Pay can use Sam’s Scan & Go, which handles payments on their behalf, rather than Walmart.

Shop at Walmart or Sam’s Club:

Customers who shop at Walmart or Sam’s Club can download the Scan and Go app on their mobile devices. When you are out doing your shopping, you can use the Scan and Go app to scan your items, make the payment, and skip the step of standing in line at the register. Sam’s Club customers have reported that their whole shopping experience has been significantly enhanced due to this change.

Why can’t I use Apple Pay to pump gas?

Apple Pay may not be accepted at the store, or the phone’s battery may be low. These are the two most common reasons Apple Pay-enabled gas stations do not work. Not being able to utilize Apple Pay can sometimes be frustrating. The Apple Pay servers may be down, the digital payment terminal may malfunctioning, or a specific credit or debit card may have a problem.

Why can’t I use Apple Pay at the pump any more?

The first step in using Apple Pay at a gas station is to ensure that the station is compatible with the payment method. Make sure you offer your phone to the ATM correctly. If this occurs, it will be accepted. It will help if you double-check all the accounts and cards linked to the Wallet app on your mobile device to ensure they’re legitimate.

Check one last time:

Check once to see any problems with the app’s technical functioning. You will be able to tell that a connection has been made when you hear a beep and feel an audible vibration at the same time. It will happen as soon as the transaction has been finished.

Apple Pay petrol outlets in my neighborhood:

Compared to using cash or a credit card, payments done via contactless technology or cashless systems are more convenient, faster, and safer. Because your phone verifies all the different payment choices, you won’t need to show any identification while making a purchase. You can also make purchases without using a credit card if you have the Wallet app installed on your mobile device.

Gas stations that take the apple pay for customers:

Customers of petrol stations will be thrilled to learn that they now have access to yet another easy payment method. In addition, it may inspire individuals to spend more money at the gas pump, which is one of the most lucrative periods of the day for businesses that provide goods and services to the general public.


Gas stations that take apple pay are now being accepted by an increasing number of establishments in the leisure and tourism sectors, as well as quick-service restaurants, supermarkets, and gas stations. Typically, petrol stations take cash, credit cards, and debit cards, but those listed above go one step further by accepting Apple Pay as a payment method. Apple Pay makes phone payments fast, easy, and convenient. You don’t need to give the seller your credit card number. Therefore it’s safeā€”no more purses or wallets at the gas station.


What do I need to know to use Apple Pay at the gas pump?

To make a purchase using Apple Pay, you only need an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Because of this, it is a safe mode of payment because the retailer or merchant will not have access to your credit or debit card information.

Are Chevron gas stations that take apple pay accepting payments using Apple Pay?

Chevron’s gas stations support gas stations that take apple pay, a convenient method of electronic payment. You may pay for petrol with your iPhone or Apple Watch instead of carrying cash.