Game of thrones houses, According to Ranker!

Game of thrones houses people despise the end of the series; I can’t help but miss the seven kingdoms and wish I could return. While George R.R. Martin has not yet written the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire trilogy titled The Winds of Winter, there are no signs that it will be done soon. As a result, we’ll have to settle for watching old Game of Thrones episodes and reading the same five books over and over again for the time being.

Because I enjoy sharing my thoughts on the internet and ranking things, I thought it could be amusing to rank the nine major Houses in Game of Thrones a year later. Here we will discuss game of thrones houses.

Secretary of the house Tully:

According to my memory, Catelyn Stark is a member of House Tully, even if she goes by the name Stark. Brynden “Blackfish” Tully, a Tully clan warrior, is powerful. Tully seat Riverrun’s vulnerable location in the Riverlands poses a hazard. It’s a “sitting duck” for the enemy if attacked. Riverrun lacks natural barriers to keep out invaders. Despite its importance in the Riverlands, House Tully’s riches pales compared to other “Game of Thrones” great families.

Arryn House:

We first saw Lysa Tully, Catelyn’s sister, when she married into the Arryn family in Game of Thrones; she was her first cousin once removed. Arryns live in the Eyrie, a section of the Vale, which is home to House Arryn. The Eyrie, in my opinion, has the best fortifications of any of Westeros’ significant seat locations. It was built on a very steep mountain range, where it now sits. Those who attempted to walk to the Eyrie have met tragic results.

Martell’s house:

Dorne is where House Martell is located. Though it is the southernmost of Westeros’s seven kingdoms, Dorne is nonetheless believed to be part of the area. Dorne’s integration into Essos’ society would not be complex. It’s worth noting that, like House Tully, House Martell is home to some of Westeros’ most powerful warriors. House Martell includes Oberyn Martell, for example. On the other side, a large section of House Martell was destroyed during the Game of Thrones events. We were ultimately responsible for House Martell’s demise.

The “Baratheon” house:

We were initially introduced to the Baratheon family when they were the most powerful family in all of Westeros. Robert Baratheon asserted his claim to the Iron Throne after ousting “Mad King” Aerys II Targaryen. When Robert was a little lad, he was already a formidable opponent in the ring. On the other hand, his older brother Stannis had a much more practical and pragmatic approach to battle tactics. As a final point of reference, there’s Robert’s younger brother, Renly. Renly was a charismatic and witty individual who radiated from every pore.

Tyrell’s house:

House Tyrell is now, without a doubt, one of Westeros’ wealthiest families. In your mind, they’re billionaires in a position to buy their way out of any trouble they find themselves in. You can’t stop buying alliances and making weddings happen. Highgarden, the Tyrell family seat, is located in the Reach. The Wardens of the South are well-known. Highgarden is the only royal residence in the seven kingdoms that comes close to this palace’s extravagant splendor and overwhelming decadence.

Home of House Greyjoy:

In other words, they aren’t concerned or distracted by the events in the six other kingdoms. To them, gaining control of the Iron Throne is not a priority. It’s instead about whom gets to sit in House Greyjoy’s seat Pyke, the Sea Stone chair. However, the conflict is still significant. In the Iron Islands, ruled by their Drowned God, the Ironborn prosper in a world of peace and plenty. As a result, they have the edge over the other houses in Westeros when it comes to sailing.

House Lannister:

House Lannister’s seat of power is Casterly Rock, located in the Westerlands. It is widely accepted that House Stark is the wealthiest in Westeros, with House Tyrell a close second. Why? Potential gold mining possibilities abound in the Westerlands. Besides this, House Lannister trains some of the most powerful fighters in all of Westeros. Even though he had lost his sword hand, Jaime proved that he was just as dangerous as ever, if not more so.

Targaryen residences:

All you need to know about House Targaryen is what you’ve just read. Their ability to summon and ride dragons into combat might devastate villages and nations. Most Targaryen ancestors can tolerate fire, which is an advantage. A fire won’t hurt anyone.

Targaryen House may be Westeros’ oldest. “Old Valyrian blood” makes them. After Robert’s Rebellion, many believed the Targaryens were dead. Three other dragons awoke after centuries to join her. Rhaegar was one of Westeros’ deadliest and most skilled warriors. If your opponent has fire-breathing dragons, you’ll struggle to defeat them.

The stark brethren

In addition to being the catchphrase for Game of Thrones, “winter is coming” is the House Stark motto. For all of Westeros, House Stark is the most deserving of the Iron Throne and the crown. Starks rule from Winterfell, located in the country’s north. They have a reputation for being respectful, fair, and generally helpful to those around them.

They think that justice must be delivered at the speed of a sword. His own family dethroned Jon Snow.

The ability of Arya Stark:

Arya Stark can transform her physical appearance at any time she chooses. Her sister Sansa was revealed to be a superb tactician with a sharp eye for detail, thanks to the HBO series Game of Thrones. In the end, Bran Stark earned the reputation of the Three-Eyed Raven, a person who could see both the future and the past simultaneously. Bran also had the ability to warg, which gave him complete control over the consciousness of any animal he warged in this way.


At the end of a game of thrones houses, we couldn’t be happier that Game of Thrones has finally returned. Much information is available in the first episode because the story is moving quickly toward its finale. Even the first episode, which included a throwback to the series debut, helped set things up for the show’s end. For those who haven’t seen the first episode, it’s impossible not to think about how much Westeros has changed since it was first fought in the Battle for the Iron Throne.


What is the main game of thrones houses?

King Robert Baratheon is an exception to the rule that the Iron Throne holder is also the head of one of Westeros’ wealthiest families. More than 6 million gold dragons are owed to House Lannister, yet only 3 million of those gold dragons have been paid back.

Is there more than one House in the Game of thrones houses?

Game of thrones houses: There are nine Great Houses in Westeros. At first, they were known as Stark, Arryn, Baratheon, Tully Greyjoy, Greyjoy Lannister, and Tyrell Martell.