Top funny airpod cases for 2022!

Funny airpod cases show that their popularity isn’t decreasing. A protective case is required for AirPods and many other modern gadgets to keep them safe from damage, scuffing, or even loss. With these earbuds, there’s a lot of room for experimentation, such as hiding them inside a floss container or doing other AirPods hacks and upgrades. Smartphone cases are becoming popular. Foods, comic characters, and eye-catching color combinations are all examples. You can get whatever you want today, whether stylish, protective or complements your style.  Here we will discuss more funny airpod cases.

Best funny airpod cases:

Choosing only one color is a waste of time. Two alternative hinged lid covers are included with this color-blocked silicone AirPods case. The base is a solid color. This accessory gives your AirPods a softer feel and comes in four colors. It’s a good idea to keep your earbuds in a safe place in case you drop them. Following are the best funny airpod cases.

Fun and trendy AirPods case:

A Mickey Mouse- or Mike Wazowski-like silicone coating can be applied to your pods. This case comes in six different designs with a hook that lets you attach a keychain or lanyard to it.

Casetify’s silicone case:

Casetify’s silicone case is solid and resistant to impact, making it an excellent choice for safeguarding your investment in your AirPods. By using this, you will not only be able to keep the exterior of your charging case looking great, but you will also be able to keep it clean. The cover is attractive and makes it easier to have a firm grip on the smartphone.

Sun-dried egg carton with PeepCase:

This Sunny Side-up Egg Case is a must-have if you are in this predicament. There are several advantages to the silicone case, including its long-term protection and ease of use. A flap on the case’s bottom can be utilized to shield the charging port from dirt and grime. A carabiner is attached to the point so that it can be attached to any bag.

The old-school phone covers:

If you want to return in time, get an AirPods case made of silicone that resembles an old phone. Click here to see it in a new window or tab. Because of its high shock absorption, this housing is both impact and drop resistant. As a bonus, it shields your charging case from minor damage such as dings and dents. The brilliant hue and whimsical design evoke the decade of the 2000s.

Case cases made of silicone:

The most complicated plan isn’t always the best. There are 12 color possibilities for these solid-colored cases, one of which is glow-in-the-dark. They are an Amazon’s Choice product. A keychain can be attached to them like many other objects on this list, and they are also resistant to shock, scratches, and impact. Each case has a keychain and carabiner for simple attachment. This primary case protects AirPods well.

Cases for the case tassels:

Understatement can be desirable at times, but there are also times when you want to accessorize to the fullest extent. In this instance, you have the capability of doing so. Hook, keychain charms, puffballs, and tassels are all included in the design. Attach the case to your bag or backpack with the included straps and zippers for a stylish addition. There are nine color schemes, each with unique colors and features. A silicone cover protects the glitzy gizmo.

Retro TV stand:

This old television case begs to be chosen, so crank up the volume. A collection of little dials and buttons in the container conjures up images of a bygone era, such as Lassie and Leave it to Beaver. Because the case is made of flexible silicone, your AirPods will be protected against damage caused by shock, shocks, dents, and scratches. The charging case is easy to use and fits your iPhone well. The bag has a carabiner and a hook for attaching a keychain.

The Avengers’ silicone headgear:

With these fully approved Marvel Avengers AirPod cases, even Thanos won’t have the power to take away your unique sense of style. Because they’re made of high-quality elastomers, they offer a smooth, dust-resistant surface. Although each case weighs less than an ounce, this accessory protects your smartphone from dents and scratches. Protect your AirPods with a claim based on your favorite comic book superheroes, like Captain Marvel or Thor. Spider-Man or Iron Man cases are also on the market.

Sparkly silicone HappyCover:

Show off your bright sense of flair with this glimmering phone case. Positive energy is intended to be emitted from these crystal-like casings. Flexibility and durability go hand in hand with the silicone casing, which won’t deform over time. Moisture, dust, pressure, and shock will be kept out of your AirPods thanks to their water- and dust-resistant construction. The charging port of the AirPods is protected from dirt and debris by a dust plug in this case. Additionally, a keychain attachment makes it simple to carry along.

Game Boy shell for protection:

The Game Boy-inspired silicone case from Casememe will bring back happy memories. Even though it is a smaller version, it retains all of the original buttons and other components. Each color comes with a critical charm even smaller than a Game Boy, and you can choose from seven different possibilities for color. Thanks to this retro-inspired case accessory, drops, shocks, and scrapes won’t harm your AirPods.

The Mario-style pants argument:

it is me, your AirPods, suggesting that you buy a case based on the character of Mario. With this silicone cover, you’ll be able to show your love for the characters, Mario and Luigi by displaying it on your phone. A thick case also helps protect the phone from being scratched or damaged in the event of a fall.

A pink heart-shaped carrying case:

Even if you don’t want to wear your feelings on your sleeve, your AirPods case is the perfect place to do it. This adorable and straightforward case protects your phone from drops, scratches, and other harm. Four distinct colors are available, and you can save money by purchasing multiple units in a grouping of two or more of the same hue. A carabiner or key ring can be attached to the bag’s built-in loop.

The PodPocket Flex:

Instead of fixing something like a charging case that won’t seal tightly enough to hold your AirPods, you might want to replace the whole thing and start again. It only has to be wrapped in this flexible molded skin that stretches over the case’s aperture to provide sufficient protection. This case protects your AirPods from dust, scrapes, and drops and keeps them in place.

For your coins, you may rely on IKEA:

IKEA shoppers who like to browse the aisles while munching on meatballs will find this coin purse AirPods case perfect for them. Using the links, the issues in yellow and blue are linked to IKEA bags in smaller sizes. However, if the user finds it uncomfortable to remove this bag, they can do it with little effort. Remove the coin purse and replace it with a key ring if you wish to be able to connect your case to your bag or clothing. It is made possible via detachable coins.


No matter how you’re feeling or what you’re wearing, or even if you don’t have a lot of money, you may always have several cases for your AirPods to choose from. It is true even if you don’t have a lot of money. Honestly, I can’t think of a more confident move than pairing your AirPods with a particular piece of clothing. Since there are so many places to buy AirPods cases, we scoured the internet for the best ones, including Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Etsy, and Casetify.


What’s up with the strange noise coming from my funny airpod cases?

Your paired Apple device should be running a current version of the app. You should ensure that the device you are trying to connect is nearby and that there are no obstructions or wireless interference.

Do you need funny airpod cases?

Funny airpod cases: When it comes to protecting your AirPods, it all comes down to how busy you are as a person and the quality of your belongings. Those who are always on the go and mistreat their belongings may want to invest in an AirPods case.