Everything that you need to know about Ernesto de la cruz.

Ernesto de la Cruz assurances that Ernesto could achieve on his own pleaded with him to stay, claiming that he couldn’t succeed without Héctor’s songs.  Ernesto de la Cruz is the name given to him by a large number of people. Ernesto de la Cruz serves as the film’s main antagonist. Mexicans were proud of their country because of his excellent looks and charisma, making him one of the country’s best-known entertainers. In the Land of the Dead, his soul rests after his unfortunate demise. Miguel sets out to discover Ernesto, the man he believes to be his long-lost great-great-grandfather, after becoming trapped in this unusual environment. Here we will discuss Ernesto, de la Cruz.

Background of Ernesto de la Cruz:

Ernesto, a young musician from Santa Cecilia, was born in 1896. With the help of his boyhood companion, Héctor, he began his musical career as an aspiring guitarist. Héctor, on the other hand, was torn between continuing his career and returning home to his wife and kid while the two were on tour across Mexico. As Ernesto accepted Héctor’s decision, he drank a toast of tequila with him and promised to help his friend move “heaven and earth” for him.


While Hopper and Chick Hicks were originally meant as the film‘s villains, Ernesto de la Cruz was envisioned as a more ambiguous character. He was born in 1885 and died in 1953 after being crushed to death on stage while performing “Remember Me.” To hide his true nature, Ernesto was given a grandfatherly appearance and lovely disposition after his original malevolent design was rejected during the filming process.


Many in the living world look up to Ernesto as an inspiring role model because he comes across as an all-around nice guy who encourages others to achieve their aspirations no matter what. He saved Miguel when he fell into Ernesto‘s pool out of real kindness and was genuinely going to give him his blessing. That, however, was before Miguel knew his secret, so

Role of ernesto de la cruz in movie:

One of Mexico’s most well-known socialites has invited him to hold a party for them on Day of the Dead. Miguel sings an impromptu song in an attempt to catch his attention. Ernesto jumps into the water to save him after he loses his footing and falls into the pool.

Overjoyed of Ernesto:

When Ernesto is finally able to emerge from the cave, he comes to the startling realization that he is the human body he has been hearing about the entire time. Miguel asserts that he is de la Cruz’s great-grandson. Ernesto is overjoyed by this news and shows Miguel around his house while praising him to his other friends, even though he was aware that he did not have any relatives who were known to be alive.

Disney Pixar film Coco:

Since its initial release in 2017, the Disney Pixar film Coco has delighted and inspired viewers of all ages with a variety of spectacular musical sequences and an inventive animation style rich in brilliant colors. The movie’s characters are a big part of what makes it so popular. The character of Ernesto de la Cruz, who is based on a real person, maybe the subject of debate among admirers. There’s no real-life ancestor for this Mexican artist, but he comes from a long line of musicians before him.

Who portrays Ernesto de la Cruz in the film Coco?


It’s been reported that Ernesto de la Cruz, portrayed by Benjamin Bratt in the 2018 animated film Coco, is the type of guy that epitomizes the concept of grandeur. The topic was described as having “natural charisma and swagger” by an interviewer in 2017. De la Cruz, Mexico’s most popular singer, and guitarist continues to thrive in the afterlife. Miguel, a 12-year-old protagonist in Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures’ “CoCo,” wants to attain the same level of popularity as de la Cruz, despite his family’s displeasure.

Great grandfather of Ernesto:

Miguel, who is under the mistaken impression that de la Cruz is his great grandfather, finds himself inadvertently transported to the Land of the Dead. ” “He’s a real rock star when it comes to it. Before we find out more about him, it’s entertaining to see him “control the show” in the meanwhile.

Ernesto de la Cruz, on the other hand, is it true?

Bratt has indicated that the character of de la Cruz was significantly influenced by two well-known Mexican artists named Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, but that he was not based on any one of them particularly. Even though the filmmakers wanted to create a movie that was truly representative of Mexico by casting Mexicans in the roles of voice actors and presenting a wide array of Mexican traditions and customs, the characters in the film are made up.

Who are filmmakers?

The filmmakers suggested that he view old cinema footage from Mexico with actors such as Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante. Men who, in their day enjoyed the same level of fame and musical prowess as Frank Sinatra. “As well-known for their roles in films as they were for their great singing voices,” he continues. “As well-known as they were for their film roles.”

His father, Benjamin Bratt, inspired him:

From his father, Peter Bratt Srswaggers confidence and charm, Bratt took inspiration to play de la Cruz. When asked about his father, Bratt remarked that his father, who worked as a sheet metal worker, has an animal magnetism akin to that of de la Cruz. According to Bratt, “My father was 6’3″ and he had broad shoulders and a powerful voice.”

Coco as musicians:

Bratt says his father “commanded attention and had swagger and confidence” in the presence of others. To some extent, it’s a celebration of my memories of him and the time I spent with him. Coco features appearances from the real-life musicians who inspired the character. Even though Negrete and Infante were not used as inspiration for the film’s antagonist, both musicians appeared in cameo roles. Skeletons Infante and Negrete are mentioned by Screenrant as speaking with de la Cruz in a land of the dead.

The Movie Was A Hit:

Just in time for Da de Los Muertos, Coco has received rave reviews and made Mexican box office history, earning $43 million in its first month of release. Viewers at the film’s debut in Morelia, Mexico, were said to be moved to tears by the sincerity of the characters and the story as a whole. “It was amazing,” director Lee Unkrich told Variety of the “mob” of moviegoers who surrounded him, director Adrian Molina, and producer Darla Anderson after the film’s premiere.


Emotional comments from viewers, many of whom congratulated us for giving a positive image of Mexico out into the world with tears in their eyes, were common, and many thanked us for showing Mexico in a positive light. We were ecstatic by the reception that we got as a group: “People were just so thrilled; they transmitted to us that we had done a courteous and correct job.”


In Coco, who plays Ernesto de la Cruz?

The actor who portrayed de la Cruz in the animated film Coco, Benjamin Bratt, has said that he is the type of person who exudes a sense of grandeur.

Ernesto de la Cruz appears to be based on what?

Coco’s Ernesto de la Cruz, despite his pop star persona, is not based on a genuine musician. This flamboyant performer is a true Coco original, which means he performs several of his compositions as well.