Erica Tracey hirshfeld Bio, Affair, Married, Wife, Net worth, Ethnicity

Erica Tracey hirshfeld Bio: Erica Tracey Hirschfeld and Peter Jordan Schrager tied the knot at the Woodholme Country Club in Pikesville, Maryland. The Reverend Miles Goldstein, a pastor, affiliated with All Faiths Seminary International, officiated over the service. Troll back & Company is a New York City-based graphic design firm, and the head of the production is Mrs. Schrager, who is 30 years old. Her undergraduate and graduate studies were completed at the University of Michigan.

Her parents are Sarah and David J. Hirshfeld, and she was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Peter Schrager has published several sports books. His birthday is April 20, 1982. Schrager garnered prominence as a Fox NFL Kickoff analyst. In this article, we will discuss erica Tracey Hirschfeld.

Peter Schrager’s life and education:

This well-known American television personality was born on April 20, 1982, in the city of Freehold, a suburb of Newark. His parents, who choose to remain anonymous, were well-known for their generosity and kindness when he was a child. Furthermore, no information about his upbringing or siblings has ever been unearthed. He was born under the sign of Taurus, which is represented by the month of Taurus.


His primary educational establishment was Freehold Township High School, which is also the location where he obtained his secondary education and graduated. In addition to being a regular contributor to the Emory Wheel, the student newspaper, he had a well-known and well-received radio show on campus that aired weekly. Randy Moss had hired him to go fishing at Big Bear Lake in California for three days. He has previous experience working on projects that were comparable to this one.

Bank account balance of Peter Schrager:

Peter Schrager is expected to have a net worth of more than 0.5 million dollars by 2022. As a sportscaster, he has built a great reputation for himself throughout a long and successful career with Fox Sports and the NFL Network. Two of the most well-known sports networks have long been recognized for paying above-average salaries to sportscasters.

Marriage of Erica Tracey Hirshfeld:

There is a woman in Peter Schrager’s life. He married Erica Tracey Hirshfeld, his longtime girlfriend. He is married to Tracey Hirshfeld, whose parents are Sarah and David J. Hirshfeld, and who works as the production manager for Trollback & Company in Los Angeles. Also, he and Tracey are married. The couple their wedding was held on June 22, 2013. The wedding reception took place at the Pikesville Woodholme Country Club.


Her father and mother are both named David Hirshfeld, and Erica is the daughter of David Hirshfeld. When it comes to Erica’s parents, there is not much information out there. Erica’s parents, on the other hand, have supported her professional pursuits and have been by her side since she was a college student.


Erica’s additional family members, especially her siblings, are unknown now. She does this because she doesn’t want personal information about her family to be made available to the public or the media.


Erica’s uncles remain a mystery to the wider public, as no information has been made public about them.


His mother has given only Mel the name Erica, and he is the only kid she has. Detailed information regarding the youngster is not accessible at this time.

Presence on social media:

Erica is a pretty private person, so she prefers to avoid public interactions over having them with her husband. On the other hand, the Instagram account of the person with whom she is currently married contains photos of her. Erica also maintains a LinkedIn profile, allowing people to see details of her professional life.

The Author’s Life Story:

Peter Schrager was born on April 20th, 1982, in New Jersey. At the same time, he is a member of the White ethnic group and an American citizen. His parents and siblings are also unknown. The Bull is also his astrological sign. Schrager graduated from Freehold Township High School.

Retaining Your Skills:

Schrager wrote for the student newspaper at Emory University, known as the Emory Wheel, while he was a student there. In addition, he was the host of a popular campus radio show that aired weekly. The sports reporter began working for other national events as well. After a while, he began appearing on a Sunday night talk show called “FOX Report.”

Life in the Closet:

When it comes to his personal life or marriage, I can tell you he’s a happy guy. After many years of dating, he married his longtime girlfriend, Erica Tracey Hirschfeld. She is an executive producer at Trollback Company. Sarah and David J. Hirshfeld named her after them when she was born. The ceremony was held at the Woodholme Country Club in Pikesville, Maryland, on June 22, 2013. There have been no reports of domestic violence in the media throughout the seven years together.

Peter Schrager’s net worth:

A well-known anchorman has earned a good living standard in his personal life due to his achievement. Fox Sports and the NFL are among the sports networks he currently works for. Because of this, these networks are known for paying their employee’s decent wages. According to estimates, he’s worth at least $500,000 more than that. According to reports, he earned anywhere from $150,000 to $300,000 per year due to his position.

In addition to working for Fox Athletics and NFL Community, Peter Schrager is a professional sportscaster. In addition, Schrager works for Fox as an NFL Kickoff analyst and a reporter on the Fox Athletics Sideline. His regular appearances on the Dan Patrick Show, Colin Cowherd’s Herd, and his gameday protection are all examples of his frequent appearances. Very Good Morning Soccer, which features a panel discussion with Kyle Brandt, Michael Robinson, and Kay Adams, airs weekday mornings on the NFL Network.


His partner is Erica Tracey Hirshfeld, an award-winning novelist and sportscaster. The two of them had been dating for a long time before they decided to marry in 2013. Erica, who recently turned 30, is an accomplished artist with many skills. Her place of work is a well-known New York City graphic design studio. After finishing her studies at the University of Michigan. She was an active member of the Communication and Media Studies Department during her time at the university.


Erica Tracey Hirshfeld was born at what time in history?

As of 2022, Erica Tracey Hirshfeld has not revealed her true age to the broader public. Consequently, the internet lacks any data about her date and location of birth.

How is erica Tracey Hirschfeld considered as publically?

As a result of her public existence as a hockey player’s wife, Erica Hirshfeld is well-known. Tracey’s LinkedIn page states that Erica is the Trollback Company’s Head of Manufacturing. The organization has employed her since December 2009.