Eliminate IO forces not working- How to fix it?

Eliminate IO forces not working: Some Fortnite players are having trouble with the “remove IO forces” feature. As part of this week’s massive 19.20 content release, the Fortnite Week 7 mission was introduced. However, many players need help to complete it despite the seeming simplicity of the challenge.

A new quest goal, “Eliminate IO forces to steal IO Credentials,” is revealed when you interact with the holographic audio log. Unfortunately, the IO forces had been pushed deeper into the map by this season. You had many opportunities to fight IO forces at the beginning of the season, but now you’re down to just three. This article will give you all information about eliminate io forces not working, what are io forces in fortnite and eliminate 10 forces in fortnite.

What are Eliminate IO forces not working?

You may engage in combat with the IO troops stationed in Command Cavern. Even though Command Cavern is not as famous as it once was, killing even a single IO guard may be challenging. Rather than going to Tilted Towers or Rocky Reels, it would be more convenient to take the airship. Tilted Towers may be an excellent spot, given that the AI-controlled tank below discourages most players from pressing in.

Can IO Forces be rebuilt in Fortnite?

The Fortnite “remove IO forces” Week 7 Season mission requires players to eliminate three IO soldiers, but this may have already been done, and the reward has been delivered, so the quest is not required to be performed again. There is a glitch with this quest, although it only affects the fact that it appears multiple times on the Quests panel and can only be finished once.

How to remove IO forces?

If Fortnite presents the mission more than once, yet at least one of the boxes is checked, this indicates that the player has already accomplished the objective. A patch may be issued to get rid of the same quests. The following tasks need to be completed at any one of the map’s three dig locations before the “remove IO forces” mission can be considered finished for the player:

  • To the east of Sleepy Sound and due north of the Daily Bugle
  • In the direction east of Logjam Lumberyard and somewhat northwest of Shifty Shafts
  • Towards the river’s southeast bend, the last of the desert is isolated from the rest of Greasy Grove.

IO guards drop:

Given that some players will encounter IO Guards soon after landing, it’s safe to assume they are well-armed. The Rare Stinger SMG or Rare Striker Pump Shotgun is a common sight in the hands of these NPCs. Players who kill an IO Guard in Fortnite will have access to one of the game’s healing supplies and ammo. These guards will immediately launch an attack on the player when tipped off. Players can clear an area by eliminating all IO Guards or one by one.

Battlegrounds for Fortnite’s IO Forces:

Fortunately, IO Forces are abundant in most areas listed in Chapter 3, Season 2 of the game. However, The Fortress is a safe bet if you’re looking for a spot to track them down. Across the lake from Tilted Towers to the north is where you’ll find this location. It’s close to the snowy region in the map’s upper left corner. It’s hard to miss, as it consists solely of a considerable transport van housing a tank and, you got it, IO Forces policing the area.

IO IDs and passwords:

If you can take down any IO Security Personnel, you can steal their credentials. You’ll recognize these NPCs as the ones controlled by AI that will open fire on you if you get within range. If you manage to take out a guard, they’ll likely be carrying the object you’re after. The Imagined will have wireless communications with you whenever you pick up a Credential. To return it to her, she will instruct you.

Why do you need need to acquire a single Credential card?

Given the wording, all grinding is unnecessary since you only need to acquire a single Credential card. Take the item you have picked up and deliver it to the white pillar in the Joneses’ neighborhood. It is optional to do it in the exact match, or you will be eliminated, despite what The Imagined may have said. If the weather is not favorable for a one-shot delivery, you can store the item in your inventory and send it with your next match.

What is Fortnite IO Forces elimination mode?

The next patch will announce Fortnite the Island Chapter 3 and the return of IO Forces. Everybody is shocked and aware that the IO force was not eradicated after they returned. They are still active and busy with their most recent missing.

Where are the IO Forces hiding out?

Close to Sleepy Sound, Logjam Lumberyard, and Greasy Grove in Chapter 3 is where you’ll find the guards. All the facts about “Fortnite Eliminate IO Forces Location-” are detailed below.

  • In the vicinity of the Logjam Lumberyard, there are guards stationed near the peak in the northeastern part.
  • You can feel the power in Greasy Grove, specifically in the southeast near the river.
  • The area east-northeast of Sleepy Sound that connects to the coast is also patrolled.

Can we neutralize this power?

In contrast with technological progress’s benefits, the forces are being purged rather rapidly. Here are the exact measures to take to eliminate IO Forces from Fortnite:

1: Locate the guards in the regions as mentioned earlier, and once you have done so, retrieve the Edge of the ‘IO Drill Site’ and some basic loot.

2: After you’ve geared up to maximum capacity, you can use your gun to take on the powers of flame.

3: To finish the job, you will need to do this again.


What does it mean to have all of the IO forces removed?

One of the objectives of the Fortnite Resistance tasks is to eliminate IO forces to steal IO credentials. After completing the previous mission, “Set up recon cameras to obtain additional information about the IO Doomsday device,” you will be given access to this one.

Where exactly does one go to discover the IO Blocker?

The location can be found by following the road that runs along the northern edge of the map to its terminus at the river’s outer bend. The exact location is on a little mound close to some rocks. You can only win the challenge if you destroy the Build Jammer.