Double kick heroes- The shooter with a metal rhythm!

Double kick heroes: Double kick heroes are not suitable for heroes to be able to give each other a double kick in this way.  The heavy metal band is pitted against an army of zombies, demons, and other end-of-the-world enemies in this side-scrolling shooter.

Even though the primary story campaign is only a few hours long and the player’s vehicle is mostly on rails for the majority of the levels, Double Kick Heroes transforms into an experience unlike anything else on the market by incorporating rhythm mechanics similar to those found in Rock Band with user-created track options. It makes a unique game. August 2020 saw the release of many platforms and systems. Let’s discuss double kick heroes.

What are double kick heroes?

It is necessary for the band in the video game Double Kick Heroes to mount rear-facing guns to their customized Gundillac, configure their weapons so that they can be fired whenever the drummer strikes a beat, and then drive as if their lives were in danger. Other band members can hurl grenades into people pursuing the band at higher difficulty levels. When it comes to rhythm, double kick heroes aren’t afraid to unleash a torrent of profanity to get their point across.


Players may expect to see a lot of blood and gore in Double Kick Heroes because of the game’s retro graphic style. With the cannons mounted on the back of the band’s Cadillac, zombies, aliens, and even death chickens can be killed in vast numbers. To keep up with the beat, the players won’t have much time for the gorefest on the left side of the screen because they’ll be too occupied. Viewers may be more concerned about this than participants.


For Christian gamers, it is appropriate to be concerned about the game’s message when playing a heavy metal-themed video game. As the band continues its journey, its enemies become increasingly horrifying and play on the band’s assumptions of the taboo as they descend steadily into hell. I find the “demonic” images to be infantile and childlike, not threatening. I had trouble understanding some song lyrics. Even though Double Kick Heroes isn’t a critique or parody, the spiritually weak may want to avoid it.

Heavy Metal Criticism of Double Kick Heroes:

Double Kick Heroes is a fast-paced rhythm video game with an engaging story set in a post-apocalyptic world, yet the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. Rock Band’s drum kit rocked, and Guitar Hero’s guitar constricted my fingers at specific points during the game.

When I was younger, one of my favorite pastimes was listening to rock music and getting into the flow with the music. A new heavy metal rhythm game with some crude attitude has appeared on the scene after a lot of years.

Post-apocalyptic band:

Double Kick Heroes, a post-apocalyptic band, are the plot’s focus, following them on the road in a gun-toting Cadillac as they play their catchy tunes. In the game’s story mode, players encounter several characters and boss battles as they go through the zombie hordes and other post-apocalyptic beasts. The power of music will fuel your arsenal, and each note you play correctly will grant you access to an additional weapon.

The maximum value of double kick heroes:

When the red notes on the gauge reach their maximum value, and you select the red grenade icon, the grenades will be released into the environment. In a manner analogous to this, the sniper is triggered whenever possible to hit the purple notes successfully. Even if there are only a few notes, the task of practicing them can rapidly become overwhelming for even the most inexperienced musician. The instrument’s top and bottom cannons will fire when the yellow notes are played.

How to play double kick heroes?

Naturally, you may lower the difficulty or even slow down the fretboard speed to make things easier if things are going badly. Otherwise, the zombies will begin to close in on you if you miss too many notes. The zombies will be able to creep closer if you keep pushing the buttons mindlessly for a short period until you overheat and lose control. Even if it does, there are cards to be unlocked that will provide you with an advantage.

Character’s avatar stand:

Many obscene languages and monster fights keep you entertained as you make your way up the leader boards for each level. Nonetheless, the story is engaging. If you go through previously completed levels, you’ll learn the duration of the music track, the genre, and your previous score if you’ve done so. At the same time, the ability to tell who is speaking at any time is handled quite well in this film. “Speaker” labels make a character’s avatar stand out when talking.

Bands in Hellgate mode:

Alternatively, if you don’t care about the story, you can switch to Arcade mode, which takes you right into the action. You can progress through all of the previously unlocked levels to get access to new ones. If you accept this option, you won’t hear in-game obscenities or band antics. Hellgate mode features two new options for a guest band song. Another mode is Freeplay.

Fury Road:

Other modes include “Fury Road,” which offers daily races to earn new vehicle parts and climb the daily leaderboards. It’s your job to keep going for as long as possible in the game’s Endless Rage mode. It’s one of my favorite elements of Double Kick Heroes because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. After a split second, you’ll be in a post-apocalyptic Earth slum; the next, you’ll be soaring through the stars. It has a sense of humor perfectly suited to two-dimensional pixel art games.

Play content created by the community:

To play content created by the community, you must own an MP3 version of the music you wish to import and play it after you finish listening to the soundtrack. An audio wave screen is displayed, and you may place notes wherever. Control when zombies appear. Although the editor is tedious, you’ll need to take time to make a good run in this mode. It appears drab, disorganized, and lacks visual contrast to make a statement.


The labels’ colors match those of the characters. If only the objectives had the same level of visual representation. Because even if you’re doing well or have gotten to the stage where zombies are no longer an issue, you’ll still be hitting notes and firing at nothing, which is a nuisance. Either keep zombies coming or let the music guide you. If you don’t like zombies or don’t want to cope with their problems, you can exterminate them.


In Double Kick Heroes, how many levels are there in total?

This insane game’s 24 stages may be completed by driving down the highway to hell in your Cadillac and killing zombies. Metal is the only thing that can save your band.

Is it beneficial for Jolteon to use Double Kick?

Jolteon needs to switch out of the battle if it expects that ground-type Pokémon like Rhydon and Golem may switch into Jolteon since this would help Jolteon and its companions from receiving damage.