Does planet fitness have free weights? | UPDATED-2022!

Does planet fitness have free weights? Planet Fitness is a well-known fitness center chain with hundreds of locations across the United States. One exception to this rule is that specific Planet Fitness locations may have more advanced exercise equipment than others, while others may hold special events. As long as the gym equipment is varied and of high quality, most people can keep up their fitness levels. Serious dieters and athletes need to know which equipment to use. For people trying to lose weight or compete, the kit is crucial. Learn if Planet Fitness offers free weights and other gym details. In this article, we will discuss Why Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights and does planet fitness have free weights?

Is Planet Fitness a place where members can use free weights?

For years, Planet Fitness has been recognized as one of the most excellent gyms in the country. It is possible to find a location in any part of the country. The general experience at any Planet Fitness facility is comparable, even if some places hold special events or have better equipment than others. Before joining Planet Fitness, know what to expect. Most people only need high-quality gym equipment to stay fit.

Free weights at Planet Fitness:

At Planet Fitness, there is a rack for dumbbells that can be used in place of free weights; however, there is no power rack that can be used at this location. People who prefer to squat and bench press large weights should steer clear of Planet Fitness because the facility does not have the equipment necessary to facilitate these kinds of workouts. Members can use a Smith Machine instead of free weights at Planet Fitness. During this session, you may use this machine.

Planet Fitness clubs:

For some people, a workout on the Smith machine is sufficient, but for others, specific muscles will not receive a challenging enough activity utilizing the Smith Machine. The bulk of the dumbbells found within Planet Fitness clubs has a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds. You can get a great arm workout with your body weight; no barbell or weights are needed. In the end, the importance of this depends on your fitness goals.

Higher-than-average free weight:

The most likely reason Planet Fitness does not allow access to these higher free weights is insurance and liability concerns. It’s much less likely that someone trying to use a Smith machine will be hurt than it is for someone bench pressing 300 pounds on their own. Does planet fitness have free weights? The fitness center has decided not to utilize free weights of more than 50 pounds because of the greater risk of making a mistake when using these weights.

The Benefits of a Planet Fitness Membership:

The first advantage of having a Planet Fitness membership is the low cost. Many other gyms, particularly those specializing in weightlifting, will provide these options; however, the prices may be slightly higher. Individuals typically have additional questions and concerns about Planet Fitness and their subscription. Among the many reasons people appreciate their Planet Fitness subscriptions is that it is one of the most cost-effective solutions.

The Lowest-Cost Option:

You may think that signing up for a fitness center membership is a good idea, but it’s possible that you won’t use the facility as much as expected. Only a tiny percentage of the population is dedicated enough to attend the gym and put in quality workout time regularly. It’s just a fact of life and all the other obligations we currently have to meet. It is a cheap option so that you can skip a few workouts. Your strategy should still benefit you even if you’re not there daily.

Planet Fitness Black Card:

There is an option to purchase a Planet Fitness Black Card, even though Planet Fitness already offers a low-cost membership option to all of its clients. Premium memberships offer more features and options.


It is a luxury gym option. Fitness centers provide unlimited guest tickets. If you have out-of-town guests that need to work out, visit Planet Fitness. Massage chairs, hydromassage, and tanning beds are available with a Black Card.


Customers of Planet Fitness have a reputation for the gym’s tough cardio workouts. Cardiovascular activity is essential if you’ve ever tried to lose weight or improve your fitness level. Cardiovascular exercise is fantastic because it burns calories rapidly and allows you to switch things up by using a variety of machines. Even if cardio isn’t your thing, you should do it at the gym. Planet Fitness only has dumbbells, so your workout options are limited. Cardio equipment isn’t fixed. Joining Planet Fitness makes more sense than buying a high-quality exercise bike or treadmill.

Free Pizza Nights:

Every Planet Fitness location has the potential to host a variety of promotions and events for its members. Free pizza is offered to members at numerous Planet Fitness facilities regularly. After working out at the gym, people will eat pizza together as a reward for their hard work and time. You can burn off your dinner pizza if you work out hard enough. Planet Fitness gyms host pizza nights to encourage socializing. Planet Fitness often hosts charitable events, tournaments, and other activities.

Locker Rooms and Showers:

Locker rooms and showers make working out at Planet Fitness much more convenient. Most locations adhere to a standard set by the company’s founder and CEO, which means that these places are always immaculate. If you’re unhappy with the gym you joined, contact Planet Fitness’s corporate office. The availability of gyms and locker rooms, on the other hand, allows people to work out in the morning before heading to work or before heading out for the evening.

There is a bar here where you may get something to drink:

Most Planet Fitness gyms provide a drink bar where you may relax with a cool drink after a strenuous exercise. Get together with a few friends after your workout to have an energizing drink that will replenish the nutrients your body has used during your activity. People who are looking to socialize after a workout may or may not be able to access the drink bar at the Planet Fitness location that is most convenient to them. Black Card holders get discounts at drink bars if they choose this option.

A Planet Fitness Membership Has Its Consequences:

This Planet Fitness membership is well worth the money because of the numerous benefits. It is clear that members love Planet Fitness’ offerings, and individuals who are passionate about cardiovascular exercise will find plenty of reasons to join. Planet Fitness lacks free weights. This gym has dumbbells and a Smith machine, but lifting isn’t encouraged. People keep their Planet Fitness subscriptions and buy home gym weights.


Does planet fitness have free weights? After reading this, you should understand Planet Fitness better. Use this offer to reach your fitness objectives. By working out and spending time on yourself, Planet Fitness is a beautiful alternative for those who can’t afford a gym membership. If no free weights are available nearby, you may be able to solve this problem by putting in your own set. Unless you’re a serious weightlifter, don’t allow the lack of free weights to dissuade you from joining Planet Fitness.


Does planet fitness have free weights?

Those who want to bulk up or do heavy lifting won’t find it at Planet Fitness, which isn’t its target audience. Bench presses require a weight bench and either a barbell or a dumbbell; they don’t quite fit the gym’s aesthetic.

What is the heaviest weight that can be lifted?

60-pound dumbbells are the maximum weight allowed. 60-pound fixed barbells are available. Rows of cardio machines had distinct features. Available machines had light stacks.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

Some pieces of exercise equipment can only be found at Planet Fitness. It has everything you need to work out, like dumbbells, cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, fixed barbells, loose barbells, and plates.