Distrokid login- why choose groove over distrokid?

Distrokid login is an internet platform that allows musicians and anyone who owns the music rights to access distribution services. Musicians and record labels can put out an infinite number of music at a price that isn’t prohibitively expensive, thanks to this technology. In 2013, Philip Kaplan, an entrepreneur, founded DistroKid, which would eventually be renamed. Fandalism was essentially an extension of the musicians’ social media network as a start-up. In 2015, DistroKid split into a distinct company and went it’s way. Here we will discuss Distrokid login.

Are Distrokid’s Purposes Clear?

A strong sense of momentum is evident as this Distrokid review ends. If you’re looking for a lower-cost alternative that offers unlimited distribution in return for a monthly fee, consider Distrokid. That’s not all; they won’t deduct any commission from your earnings either. Spotify has collaborated with Distrokid, one of several recent strategic business movies. These efforts have greatly aided Distrokid’s success in the distribution market.

Commissions and Fees:

Because of its user-friendly platform and artist-friendly features, DistroKid is a distribution firm that stands out in the music industry. Using them is a breeze, and they feature a price structure that’s both simple and pleasant to the eye. Hidden fees apply to many of their services, but they lack several advanced capabilities that their rivals offer. They have three price tiers for you to pick from, which are as follows:


A year’s subscription to Distrokid costs $19.99, the most basic edition. A single performer or band can use it, however. It’s a good deal, given that you may upload an unlimited number of songs and lyrics. In addition, Spotify will automatically verify your artist page if you upgrade to this level of service. The name of a well-known artist on Spotify can have a blue checkmark next to it if you visit the artist’s profile page.

Using Spotify:

Using Spotify, you can tell if Spotify has verified an artist’s official website by looking for a checkmark next to the artist’s name. If that isn’t enough, you can even edit your own Spotify Artist page once you’ve been authorized. That will be discussed in greater detail in the future. When you utilize DistroKid, a confirmation checkmark will appear right away. To help you achieve your goal of mastering Spotify, distributing your music through Distrokid is undoubtedly helpful.

Alternatives for Publication and Distribution:

When the uploading process begins, you’ll be able to pick and choose which stores you want your work to be available in. More than 150 marketplaces are available through Distrokid. In contrast to distribution organizations, they do not reveal as much information on each location as they do about other businesses.

Make a Hasty Shopping Trip:

According to Distrokid login, it can take anything from a single business day to seven business days for your music to appear on iTunes and Spotify. Although DistroKid’s process is a bit more cumbersome than some of its competitors, it does not include any additional tools. Visit the DistroKid website to learn more about how long it takes for products to be distributed to other retailers.

A Look at YouTube’s Biggest Earners:

You’ll be able to make more money from YouTube videos that feature your music using this feature. DistroKid will use YouTube’s Content ID database for hunting down instances of your music being played on YouTube. That money will then be yours to keep, not the person who shared the video. Using this service costs $4.95 per year, and they take a 20% cut of any revenue you generate. According to these measurements, DistroKid has another area in which they fall short of their competition.

Apps for the iPhone, Shazam, and Siri:

To release your music to a broader audience, DistroKid offers this additional feature. Two apps make it easy for people to identify your music when they hear it elsewhere and are curious about who performed it. Shazam and Siri are two examples of these apps.” In contrast to most other distributors, DistroKid is the only one to provide this as an additional distribution option.

Distributor for an annual fee:

Because this service should have been included in your preliminary plan, you are forced to pay additional costs each year. DistroKid is the only distributor that charges an annual fee for this service and then adds a commission. We believe this to be the case.

Leave a Trace of Your Progress:

Use the Leave a Legacy feature on your Apple Music subscription to ensure that your music remains available even if you no longer pay for it annually. If you purchase a single or an album for $29 or $49, your music will be available online in perpetuity. DistroKid is the only firm that provides this service, which other businesses that require annual fees may learn from.

Finding Permission to Record and Cover a Song:

As previously mentioned, DistroKid can help you release any cover songs you record. So that you don’t have to worry about either of those things, they will file your cover music licenses and pay the rights holders on your behalf utilizing this tool.


Using this feature, you can have DistroKids store your music on their servers. It works in a similar way to Dropbox and other cloud storage services that you’ve used before. As a result, you’ll be able to save your favorite tunes and access them anytime. Your computer may get infected, lost, or stolen at any time. As a result, having a second location where you can easily access your music is beneficial, and this feature will help you do this.

DistroKid, when do you think this project will be finished?

For streaming services and retail outlets, DistroKid says that after your music has been “ingested,” you should be able to locate it in the backend of such services and stores. The ingestion process will begin almost soon once you have uploaded your music to DistroKid. However, you’ll have to pay more if you want access to services like the ability to set your release dates, which is more expensive than the $19.99-per-year option.


Even though the Distrokid login has a lot of positives, I think some of the company’s problems are glossed over by its users.  It’s still a very new partnership between them and Spotify. While this may be the case, most platforms already have the functions they charge for built-in.


What is the reason for using Distrokid login?

Due to various factors, including low-quality submissions and delays imposed by the retailers, the submission procedure via Distrokid login can take an extremely long period.

What is the process of Distrokid login?

You will receive your money within one to fourteen business days of submitting a withdrawal request to DistroKid.