How to Fix Call of Duty Vanguard Dev error 5573? [Solved]

Dev error 5573 is a Warzone bug. This problem has been observed to cause the game to become unplayable once the error notification is displayed. There’s no need to panic if you see this error while playing Call of Duty Warzone. We’ve compiled a list of all the viable solutions that have been proven to work. Although Warzone is a fantastic game, it is also one of the most bug-ridden. A potential exists for specific challenges or other game aspects to continue periodic difficulties after each subsequent update. In this article, we will discuss the causes of dev error 5573 and how to fix dev error 5573?

What is dev error 5573?

The development error 5573 is currently plaguing the Warzone community. You’ll regularly run into this problem when using in-game weapons like the FFAR, flashbangs, stuns, claymore, etc. As a result of the Season 4 improvement, it looks that QBZ and MG82 are to blame. The problem doesn’t seem to follow any pattern. Every player has a fair shot at it. In this piece, we’ll go into greater detail about the mistake and offer some possible solutions.

Causes of dev error 5573:

The following are causes of dev error 5573.

Included in your load out are relics of the Cold War:

It has been discovered that this error code can be traced back to some relics from the cold war, which blame the issue. This error code is generated whenever FFAR and PELLINGTON are combined in their most common configuration. To solve this problem in Call of Duty Warzone, remove all of the relevant aspects of the Cold War and rearrange the map.

Use of Cold War Operator:

It is essential to keep in mind that artifacts from the time of the Cold War are not the only ones to blame for the 5573 dev mistake. According to many people who have come across this issue, a Cold War operator is also one of the potential sources of the problem. To get past this obstacle, you must switch to an active operator specific to the Warzone. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about it.

An inadequate amount of bandwidth:

You may have a bandwidth issue if this problem frequently occurs while playing a game. For wireless internet connections, this is even more important. Make an effort to conduct reliable testing to evaluate whether or not your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough, and then take the required steps to increase your adequate bandwidth if necessary.

Automatically blocked swearing in the voice:

If an automated voice profanity ban has lately punished you for playing the game with voice chat enabled, some users have claimed that you should also expect to receive this error. As a player, if you tend to swear at other players, you should open a support ticket to see if you have been banned.

How to fix dev error 5573?

The final option is fixing or reinstalling the game if none of the preceding options have worked for you. That way, you can be confident that the game files are not to blame for the bug. You’ll need to use a different approach if encountering issues with a particular platform. You should already know all the possible causes of this problem; therefore, here is a list of solutions that have been proven to work by other people who have encountered it:

How to Fix Dev Error 5573 in Warzone?

In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss how to fix the Warzone 2022 development problem 5573.

1: There were numerous instances of Error 5537 in Call of Duty Vanguard; however, it appeared most commonly in the multiplayer interface rather than the game itself.

2: A dev error with the number 5537 displays on the screen when the player tries to customize the appearance of an operative in the customization menu.

3: It’s possible that the clothes your operative is wearing won’t even be updated when you return to the game after a game crash.

4: The Call of Duty Vanguard Dev Error 5573 can be explained by various factors.

6: This error code could be caused by several circumstances, according to a thorough investigation.

Install any Call of Duty updates:

1: In the meantime, if you’ve been following this story, you’re presumably aware that Activision has already released two hotfixes to address the issue you’ve been having.

2: The error code 5573 will appear less frequently if you use the most recent game version, even if the problem hasn’t been resolved.

3: A fresh build is not necessary for you to keep up with if you are only playing the game on your own.

4: worth your while to put in all that extra effort.

5: If you are encountering this issue on a PC when launching via Battle, check to see if there is a pending update for your Call of Duty installation.

6: To be prompted to install an upcoming update on a console, all you have to do is the exit and re-enter the game.

7: Check whether the same problem code, 5573, is still being generated after all available updates for Call of Duty have been installed by restarting the game.

10: Try the next solution if you still have trouble joining a multiplayer or zombie game.

Reinstall or repair your current installation of the game:

A system file corruption may be to blame if none of the abovementioned methods have worked for you, so it’s time to look into the likelihood that this is the root of the problem. Start looking at various solutions if this is the situation. If this condition applies to you, you should be able to fix the error 5573 by either fixing or reinstalling the game. You’ll have to pay to get the game fixed. Additional manuals for each platform address every situation.

Getting the computer to play the game again:

1: Make sure that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its accompanying background processes have been completely shut down and are no longer running.

2: Click on “Games” from the main Battle menu, which will appear as soon as you launch it.

3: When the Games tab is selected in the navigation bar, click on the Call of Duty installation to choose it.

4: After that, select Options > Scan & Repair from the menu on the right side of the screen to begin the scanning process.

5: Wait for the scan to complete after clicking the “Begin Scan” button in your confirmation window.

6: To see if the same error code occurs when you try to join a multiplayer game, wait until the operation is complete before restarting your computer and loading Call of Duty again.


A dev error 5573 has been observed by several Warzone gamers, who claim that the game is otherwise unusable while it is still live. As a result of this, Warzone continues to operate. If you find yourself in the same circumstance, you shouldn’t freak out because there is no reason to be concerned. We have produced this list of improvements in response to the input that you have provided. After the testing is complete, go back out into the field.


What does error number 5573 mean in the context of COD Vanguard?

The data for the Call of Duty Vanguard game is corrupted and illegible, which is the root cause of this problem. To avoid crashing the game, throw your grenade first. If you move before launching the grenade, you’ll fail the mission.

What’s behind Warzone’s devs’ blunders?

Dev error 5573 indicates a DirectX issue, indicating a visual issue. Your graphics driver may be outdated, causing the issue. Install the latest GPU driver before trying more sophisticated options.