What is Dark Age Defense? Is it a Hoax or a Valuable Resource?

Dark age defense is the term first coined by Shakespeare. With all that may go wrong in today’s world, it’s essential to be ready for everything. The frequency of natural catastrophes is rising, and the threat of conflict is always just around the horizon. It would help if you made plans for your survival regardless of the state of the globe since you cannot count on instant assistance in an emergency. In the event of an emergency that might cause damage to your home or the loss of electricity, you should be prepared. You may prepare yourself for any emergency by purchasing one of the numerous survival books on the market. But which is the most excellent book for dealing with blackouts? Defense in the Dark.

What is “Dark Age Defense?”

You and your loved ones need to have the plan to survive in the case of unforeseen circumstances. With the help of Dark Age Defense, you can weather any storm. In the event of a power outage, this guide will assist you in building an infinite coil to generate electricity for your house. It will take years for the general public to become familiar with this technology based on Nikola Tesla’s work. Using Dark Age Defense, you can get by in the event of a power loss without any outside assistance.

Why is It Useful When the Power Goes Out?

There are several ways in which Dark Age Defense may help you in the event of a blackout, including equipping you with the information you need to stay alive. It explains how to construct an infinite coil that can power any home device. You can rely on no one else to save your loved ones from harm during war or disaster. It instructs its viewers how to power their homes during a blackout without resorting to expensive generators. The endless coil is a simple technology that can illuminate a whole house, even when the power is off.

Arguments in Favor of Stone Age Defense

Buying Dark Age Defense will have many positive effects on your life. If you find yourself in a dire circumstance without electricity, the guide may help you get through it. You will only need to rely on outside aid during a disaster if you have this on hand.

How Much Does Medieval Defense Cost?

The price of the Dark Age Defense manual is $67 per copy. You can only get the guide at this discounted rate on the official website. It would help if you only bought directly from the official website to protect your privacy.

With the aid of Dark Age Defense, users may learn how to construct an endless coil and manage without electricity. You can protect yourself, for instance, by erecting a force field around your home.

How about a refund policy?

The Dark Age Defense guide offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to protect customers. Within 60 days of purchase, customers may request a complete refund if they are not satisfied with the outcomes of the guide. In the unlikely event that you cannot construct an infinite coil because of a lack of electricity, you may take advantage of the unconditional money-back guarantee. You may start the refund procedure by visiting the official website and using the refund mechanism described there.

What Would Happen If There Was a Global Blackout?

There are several potential reasons for global power failure. A blackout might result from a natural calamity like a storm or an earthquake. Perhaps a nuclear weapon has been detonated by a terrorist organization, regardless of why you won’t be able to use any electronics since there will be no power. Ensure you have enough food and drink to survive until electricity returns. In other words, prepare for the situation ahead of time by storing enough supplies. And if you haven’t already, you should acquire some supplies. In addition, make sure your phone is always charged so you can get in touch with anybody who can assist you.

What Would You Do If You Lost Power?

You may assume you’d be utterly helpless in a world without power. However, there are still many viable options for your lifestyle. Here are some objects that are useful while not requiring energy.


Wood, charcoal, and gas are all acceptable alternatives to electricity while cooking over an open flame. Similarly, uncooked seafood and meat are fine. You can’t put these goods in the fridge, but you can put them in coolers.


Straight from the tap, you can quench your thirst. It is also possible to cleanse water by boiling it. Rainwater may also be collected and purified using a sand or gravel filter.


Enough lighting is vital since it allows you to see your way around. Various lighting options are available, including candles, electric lights, and portable lanterns.

Essential Medical Equipment

Remember that you can only sometimes depend on energy to power machinery while searching for medical supplies. So, make sure you pack everything you’ll need. Bandages, gauze, antibiotic cream, alcohol pads, disinfectant wipes, tweezers, scissors, syringes, and needles are all examples of medical supplies.


The inclusion of weapons in a survival pack is essential. Weapons may range from firearms to knives to machetes to bows and crossbows to spears. You may use these weapons to defend yourself and go on hunting expeditions.


It would help if you learned to depend on yourself and your wits throughout the dark ages. There won’t be any modern conveniences like electricity or plumbing or fuel sources like gas. You’ll have to protect yourself from potential assailants if you want to live alone. Even though it may seem impossible, life can be lived without these items. It would help if you stocked up on necessities to get you through till aid comes. If you want to be ready for anything, get Dark Age Defense. When you’re low on juice and gas, it may be a lifesaver.


Once upon a time, what exactly was the Dark Age?

There is no light. Thus, it is the dark ages. This phrase first appeared in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” where Shakespeare first used it.

Most people would probably ask, “What is a survival guide?”

If the power goes out or you lose access to the system, a survival guide may help you stay safe.