Costco Ipad draw text scam, and how does this scam work?

Costco Ipad draw text scam is another name for business. It is a retail facility that is only available to members and provides them with products of the greatest possible quality. The Costco Wholesale Corporation’s corporate headquarters, a multinational corporation with operations in several other countries, are located in the United States of California.

On the other extreme, because so many people use it, it has become a channel through which cons can operate, such as the Costco Text Scam, because of its popularity. In the following paragraphs, we shall go into additional detail regarding it. Scrolling down will provide you with additional information about the Costco Ipad draw text scam, Costco air pod raffle text and Costco iphone raffle text message.

How exactly does this con trick work?

This con is also sometimes referred to as the “Costco raffle fraud.” It entails users receiving a text message on their mobile device in the form of a Costco receipt. Users are fooled into falling for fraud by the promise of winning an iPad or iPhone. After entering a drawing the company put on, a winner will be selected to receive this gift. This particular con is carried out through text and has been active for more than a year.

Costco Text Scam-Costco Ipad draw text scam:

  • A further iteration of this text message hoax involves sending a message to the user in which it is implied that he has been awarded a pair of AirPods.
  • The majority of people are easily duped by the message.
  • They proceed by clicking both the link and the text to move.
  • You can get your information copied by simply clicking on the link, which is also provided.
  • To prevent falling for scammers, it is essential to verify every detail provided in the communication.

How to Complain About a Scam?

You must pay attention to key particulars to safeguard against Costco Text Fraud. A URL has been included in the text message, but it appears to be something other than an official one for Costco. When a promotion is not what it seems, the text message will alert the recipient to potential red flags. By reporting any questionable activity, you may protect yourself from being exploited on social media and avoid having your information stolen.

Ratings on Google Maps:

A fraudulent online store, Net Discount Store, may be found under the domain name There is no point in calling them, and I am still waiting for my emails to be answered. All of the ratings on Google Maps are paid for and fraudulent ratings; as a result, you shouldn’t base your decision on bogus ratings. Customers who have shopped at the Net Discount Store online store and are dissatisfied with their purchases are asked to contact their respective banks or other financial institutions in order to get their transactions cancelled and their money reimbursed.

Study these drawbacks and avoid them:

Costco has brought to light thirteen recent internet frauds that have been publicized through various channels, including emails and text messages. Swindlers put up their best effort and are always coming up with new cons, such as phishing through online surveys, giveaway scams, phoney stimuli, fake job interview confirmations, etc.

Text Messages from Costco that Are a Scam:

Scammers will send you messages pretending to be from Costco to get you to click on the link that they have added to the message’s text. For instance, they may make the untrue claim that you can redeem your annual incentives as a member of Costco Wholesale, or they may say that they are providing COVID-19 stimulus packages for you when in reality, they are lying. ¬†You will be requested to enter personal information such as home addresses, phone numbers, or even financial details. Con artists can use it to steal your money and identity in one goes.

Emails masquerading as those from Costco:

One of the most popular methods con artists employ to exploit people is sending emails. They send you emails pretending to be from Costco they provide by saying that they are giving out special offers, 3C products as a reward, or that you need to confirm the information of an impending employment interview, to name a few of the scams they may try to pull.

In addition, they say that they are giving out special offers, 3C products as a reward, or that they are giving out special offers. A phishing attempt is currently being made using the link that has been supplied. When you click on the link, you will be redirected to a fake website that, once you arrive there, will ask for sensitive personal information.

Costco Facebook Anniversary scam:

Swindlers construct phoney Facebook fan pages for Costco. They falsely claim that they are celebrating their 35th anniversary by handing out Costco vouchers for $35 each to members of the public. They make statements under the guise of Craig Jelinek, the CEO of Costco, to convince consumers that what they are doing is legitimate. You are prompted to write comments on the post, which will cause you to be sent a phishing link. Once again, this link will bring you to a false website where you will be requested to provide sensitive data.

Does Costco have an in-house text messaging system?

You should not respond to the message because it did not originate from Costco or Capital One. Phishing can also take the form of contacting members through text messages and asking them to click on a link so that the organization can verify that they are qualified to get the 2% Executive Member award. The entirety of this situation is a SCAM. Costco does not send out any text messages to its consumers regarding the 2% Executive Reward program.


Does Costco do raffles?

Reddit and Twitter revealed Costco raffle scam text messages. Scammers will send you text messages with phishing URLs saying you won an iPhone, iPad, or AirPods with your Costco receipt number. Scammers will pose as Costco employees.

Where do I go to redeem my Costco points?

Your reward will be included in a Renewal Statement sent two months before your next renewal. This will consist of any rewards earned before the issue. Your Costco account will show your next reward’s estimated value after processing.