Capitalone360 review: Earn competitive interest rates with no opening deposits!

Capitalone360 actively promotes its 360 Savings Account. Since its beginnings in the credit card sector, Capital One has become a household name and a well-known financial firm. Capital One 360, one of the parent company’s significant subsidiaries, offers a similar product line. If you are dissatisfied with your local banking options or if you want to look at as many options as possible when shopping for a mortgage, capitalone360 should be considered. Ally Bank and TIAA Bank, for example, have well-known online banking systems, but capitalone360 provides clients with services and advantages that aren’t necessarily readily available to those who bank with other providers. In this article, we will discuss capitalone360.

Characteristics of capitalone360:

A lot longer than capitalone360’s present existence, the company has been around for a long time in its current incarnation since early 2013. This banking organization was once known as ING Direct. Following the completion of Capital One’s acquisition of the company in 2012, the company formally changed its name in February of 2013. The following are the essential characteristics:

Savings Accounts with a High Return on Investment:

The annual percentage yield of 1.50 percent is comparable to that of other variable-return savings products, such as this one, available online. On the other hand, you are free to make deposits in whatever amount you see fit.

Banks offer interest-bearing checking accounts:

Customers of Capital One 360 Checking can use their debit card at any of the 40,000 ATMs in the United States, and there are no monthly fees associated with using the card. In addition, a 0.20 percent interest fee will be added to every sum. MONEY is a shared custody checking account explicitly developed for parents concerned about their adolescents’ ability to function partially independently.

Businesses can use the following services:

Capital One 360’s Spark division offers a wide range of business-oriented bank accounts, investment services, and lending options. Spark Business customers offer many investing and deposit options, including Spark Business Savings and the Spark 40. Spark Business Savings accounts begin with an APY of 1.10 percent and reduce to 0.40 percent after the first year.

Advantages of capitalone360:

Minimum balance requirements and maintenance fees should not be imposed on cash accounts, which should be free of charge. Capital One 360’s basic checking and savings accounts, including those for children, have no monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. While traditional banks typically charge monthly maintenance fees for basic checking accounts, this is a big concern in online banking. Many internet banks, on the other hand, charge no fees.

When calculating fees, interest is taken into account:

If your 360 Checking account has a negative balance, you will not be charged an overdraft fee, as many other banks do. With a $5,000 maximum negative amount, it charges a single daily interest rate on all overdrafts. You will be charged $1.64 daily for an overdraft if your account has a negative balance of $4,999. This price may accumulate over time, but compared to the one-time penalties of $30 or $50 imposed by some other banks, it’s a bargain.

The CDs have provided excellent returns:

Although the interest rates offered here are not as generous as those offered on certificates of deposit with longer terms, they are equivalent to the general rates currently available.

Investing, Savings, and Checking Accounts Access on the Go:

Logging into your Capital One 360 savings, checking, and investment accounts may be done from virtually any mobile device so long as it has a wireless internet connection. In contrast, the vast majority of Capital One’s 360s, more modest competitors, do not cater to mobile users in any way. The mobile and desktop versions of 360 are virtually indistinguishable from one another, except for a few minor adjustments to the user interface.

My Savings Goals and My Automated Savings Strategy:

Innovative activities in the 360 Savings bundle aim to promote and reward regular saving habits. Every seven days, an amount predetermined in your checking account is automatically transferred to your savings account under the Automatic Savings Plan. Changing or disabling this feature is possible at any time.

Variable Interest Payment Arrangements may be available for CDs:

In contrast to other financial institutions, Capital One 360 allows you to choose when your certificates of deposit begin earning interest. As a result of collecting payments on an annual or once-a-term basis, that interest will have the opportunity to accumulate for longer. Remember that early withdrawals from certificates of deposit are subject to penalties if the term is exceeded.

ATMs without fees:

ATMs in other nations, on the other hand, may charge a fee. It is helping Small Businesses with New Approaches. To gain the trust of small business owners, Capital One 360 goes to tremendous measures. For businesses, it offers variable-rate savings accounts and certificates of deposit that don’t charge fees for upkeep, just like those for individual customers. Partitioning and providing access to commercial products ensure their complete safety.

Disadvantages of capitalone360:

Mortgage rates are currently in the middle range:

Capital One 360’s most acceptable home loan rates, although they are subject to change and can vary widely based on the unique financial profiles of applicants, outstrip those offered by most other lenders in the United States. No matter how much they fluctuate from time to time, Capital One 360’s rates are almost always competitive. For mortgage loans with interest rates comparable to those on the market, go outside your bank’s lending office if you can’t get a special offer.

Telephone support is only available for a limited period:

A wealth of material is available through Capital One 360’s “knowledge database,” including how-to instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. Since many customers still prefer dealing with a natural person rather than an automated system, the bank’s reputation suffers. When comparing 360 with Ally, the latter’s call center is only open from 8 am to 8 pm daily, but these hours are maintained even on the weekends.


Numerous banking options are available to users through the capitalone360 online banking platform. These include checking and savings accounts as well as corporate banking services. Capital One 360 has improved returns for various accounts since 2014, surpassing modest rate hikes. Anyone interested in this topic should be notified. Capitalone360 has some downsides. This platform prioritizes financial knowledge and ease of use, although several user-friendly elements built by Ally Bank are missing.


What is capitalone360?

To become a stand-alone company, OakStone Financial was spun off from Signet Financial Corporation in 1995, resulting in the creation of Capital One. Wells Fargo has since purchased Signet Financial Corporation.

What’s the Deal of capitalone360?

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated or staid capitalone360 appears; banking is at the core of the service. In addition to CDs, the bank offers its customers personal banking services such as checking and savings accounts.