Who is Candice De Mederios? Meet Derrick Jaxn’s rumored!

Candice De Mederios is well-known in the world of social media. The Dominican and Portuguese cultures shaped Candice. She also Instagrams encouraging quotes she writes down. She became a media darling after claiming that Derrick Jaxn, embroiled in a cheating scandal, is still married to his wife.

Derrick has a diverse creative background, including working as a YouTuber, author, and poet. As a result of a significant infidelity incident, Derrick Jaxn has been exposed. Candice is a “self-love advocate,” “entrepreneur,” and “author,” this best-selling author has amassed over 1.3 million Instagram followers and 753,000 YouTube subscribers.

The self-proclaimed relationship expert addressed Candice De Medeiros’s shocking charges that he was associated with her while still married to his wife, Da’Naia Broadus, to set the record straight. In this article, we will discuss Candice De Mederios in detail.

Reputation in the online world:

In the realm of social media, Candice De Medeiros is highly popular. She is beautiful and self-assured; she often posts images from her adventures on Instagram and writes uplifting, upbeat blog posts in which she shows off her sense of style. She was thrown into the emotional furnace and emerged a brilliant, sturdy diamond. You have no idea the suffering she hides behind that constant grin.

Candice De Medeiros as playboy:

If you believe Candice, the billionaire playboy, arranged a trip to Miami with her in July of last year. Jaxn wooed her with lavish dinners and presented before inviting her to his Atlanta home, which he shares with his wife and children. Moreover, the claimed mistress produced receipts from their dates and a photo of herself cuddling up to Jaxn’s wife at their Atlanta home.

Throughout the show, de Medeiros also claimed that he sent her more than $1,000 during their brief relationship. As she spotted moving boxes in the house, Jaxn’s story that he and his wife had divorced was easy to accept. Candice spilled the beans on how she discovered the truth about his marriage, saying that she suspected something was up when Jaxn insisted on using Snapchat as their sole means of contact.

What does Derrick Jaxn say?

Accusers were silenced after Jaxn released a 30-minute video in which he responded explosively to every charge. He claimed that he and his wife Da’Naia had been apart since sometime in early February of 2020, but few people knew. February 1 is the formal, mutual start date. I was the one who broke the news that “see, I don’t think that this is going to work, separation… It was on February 4 that his wife, Da’Naia, “picked up the kids and left the crib and went 1,500 miles away to her mom’s crib,” he added.

Candice De Medeiros and Derrick Jaxn:

Candice De Medeiros is an evangelist for technology. She was of Ghanaian, Dominican, and Portuguese descent, and she was born in the state of Florida. Because she shares uplifting content on social media, such as motivational quotations and advice for strengthening relationships, the social media influencer has amassed a significant following. She was one of the ladies Jaxn dated when he was still married to Da’Naia Jackson while he was still in the relationship.

When did Candice De Mederios and Derrick Jaxn fall out?

Candice De Mederios allegedly told blogger Tasha K about her shady relationship with Jaxn, including that he sought to woo her with expensive presents and scheduled a trip to Miami for July 2020. It is also said that Jaxn took her to meet his relatives in Atlanta. De Medeiros claimed he sent her over $1,000 throughout their brief affair, and she provided receipts for their travels.

According to her, Jaxn’s separation from his wife was confirmed when she visited him and saw boxes in his house. She became wary about Jaxn when he exclusively used Snapchat to connect with her and that she was eventually blocked from his accounts.

Claim of Derrick Jaxn:

It has been claimed that Jaxn recorded a video confession of his adultery on YouTube while seated close to his wife. He said that he and his wife had an “unofficial split” in February of 2020 and that he “had a relationship” with Candice. He also stated that he “had a sexual relationship” with another woman. After having a private conversation with his wife, he felt forced to inform his followers about it in a public setting.

Do you side with Candice De Mederios or Derrick?

The revelation that Derrick had been cheating on his wife led to widespread criticism online, and he was even called out by name. Meanwhile, some of Candice’s Instagram followers have come to her side. A supporter wrote in her most recent photo, “I knew you were telling the truth about everything, and you’re not to blame in anything at all. He lured you on and then sought to hide the fact. It wasn’t his place to be disturbing you like that.


What is the age of Candice de Mederios?

The age of Candice de Mederios is 29.

To what extent does Derrick Jaxn’s marriage date back?

Professional relationship counselor Derrick Jaxn has revealed that he and his wife are separating. For four years, Jaxn and Da’Naia Jackson were a model married couple. They had a sizable following and were the subject of much envy.

Why is Derrick Jaxn famous?

DERRICK Jaxn is well-known among his followers for being a “relationship expert” on the video-sharing platform YouTube.