Broad street market in Harrisburg, PA! (step by step guide)

Broad street market is the place to get culture, personality, and cuisine.  Broad street market Pennsylvania in the United States of America, is home to the Broad Street Market, which first opened its doors in the year 1863. It was first created by the Verbeke family on Broad Street, now known as Verbeke Street. Today, it is considered one of the country’s oldest continually operating farmer’s markets. William K. Verbeke drew the documents to organize the West Harrisburg Market Company on April 20, 1860. In reality, the market consists of two distinct structures. In this article, we will discuss broad street market.

History of broad street market:

Since it was established in the 1860s, the broad street market has maintained its commitment to the local community by selling only locally produced goods. In the 1920s, when it was at its busiest, the Market had more than 700 different sellers. Older customers of the Market recall earning a nickel by pushing a little red wagon full of items to the doorsteps of nearby residents when they were younger. After its completion in 1863, the previous building known as the Stone Market house was given the moniker “West Harrisburg Market House.

Visitor’s guide to broad street market in Harrisburg:

The many different sellers at Broad Street Market each bring something fresh for customers to see, smell, and taste each new season. Pumpkins, mums, and root vegetables will begin to appear as expected at the appropriate times. The food merchants will provide seasonal specials, and while we explore the ancient buildings, we may warm up with piping hot cups of coffee or chocolate and enjoy the crisp fall air. When entering and walking about the Broad Street Market, customers and guests must wear face coverings.

An excursion throughout the Market:

Visit Elementary Coffee Co. to get your vacation to the most successful start imaginable. Grab some caffeine of your choosing, whether it’s a cup of freshly roasted in-house coffee, one of their specialty cocktails, or something else. During your journey, we ask that you keep yourself safe and be patient with the various sellers. In the fall, these are some things you shouldn’t miss at Broad Street Market.


Now that we have piqued your interest with the promise of a delectable lunch, we should probably tell you what foods are available at the Market. There are options for vegan cheese and crusts that do not include gluten. Find out more about some of the Market’s sellers in the following paragraphs.

Knead Market Pizza:

Wood-fired and naturally leavened pizza can be made how you like it, or you can order from a set menu. Knead’s hearth-fired pizzas are produced with dough that is made from scratch and organically leavened, and they are topped with ingredients that are obtained locally. You may keep things straightforward with the Classic Red, composed of tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella, or you can take things to the next level with the Spicy Kahuna, which is composed of sauce, shredded mozzarella, bacon, jalapenos, and pineapple.

The Elementary Coffee Company:

Craft beers made in small batches can be purchased at this booth. Coffee or tea in the morning, please! Elementary Coffee Co. selects its beans with great care and then roasts them on the premises to provide each customer with the best possible cup of coffee. You won’t find frozen beverages filled with sugar here, nor will you find automatic brewing pots.

Guardian of Good Health:

The whole foods and the plant-based menu at Ward of Health encourage good eating, supporting healthy living. Try out everything from the shroomsteak to the crab mac sandwich, and don’t overlook the restaurant’s delectable selection of smoothies. The Mago Papaya has an exquisite flavor.

The Outpost of the Zeroday Brewing Company:

This craft brewery in Midtown Harrisburg is well-known for producing high-quality beers with even more creative names. Boom, you’re wasting the day. To name a few, there’s Roasted and When Did We Get a Dog? The Mango Hab is Zeroday’s trademark beer, and it is a fruity and energizing beverage that combines the sweetness of mango with the heat of habanero peppers. Enjoy a drink at the Outpost bar while mingling with the locals and taking advantage of the hotel’s Midtown location.

Bakery with the “Raising the Bar” Name:

Enjoy a comprehensive bakery with delectable products such as meals cooked with local ingredients and scratch-made rustic pieces of bread, baguettes, croissants, dessert bars, and cookies. Items that are appropriate for the season are added each week. People who are food mindful and curious about the provenance of their food are becoming increasingly common due to current trends. They are boycotting supermarkets and fast food chains in favor of one-on-one interactions with individual farmers and chefs.

When you should come:

Visit the Market on a Saturday when it is most active if you seek an experience full of life and energy. They stay open late on the third Thursday of every month for Third in the Burg. The Market can be found in an easily accessible and central location. Turn onto Verbeke Street if you’re approaching from Front Street; the Broad Street Market sign is prominently displayed above the building, so you won’t be able to miss it.

Good chance of succeeding:

The Millworks offers two hours of free parking in the adjacent parking lot and the two parking lots on either side of the building. If you apply the code LUVHBG on Saturday for four hours of free parking, you’ll be able to park on the adjacent streets. This offer is only valid on Saturdays. The warm and inviting Broad Street Market has a good chance of succeeding because of the locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and meats and the enthusiastic chefs who prepare meals in the market.

The stone building the stone building:

After you’ve crossed the courtyard, you can check out the guest sellers who have set up shop on the plaza. I like to pick up some cookies for the family and sometimes some chocolate or cheesecake for Andy and me to share later. I turn to Rijuice to restore some sense of wellness to my diet. I enjoy their juices, but my go-to is always A Million Bucks. In preparation for the upcoming flu and cold season, you should stock up on ginger and turmeric shots.


Entering the broad street market in Harrisburg, you will immediately find yourself in the Midtown neighborhood. Visit the Susquehanna Art Museum or Midtown Scholar Bookstore Café and peruse the gallery selections if you are interested in purchasing a new book to read. Before picking where to eat, you should walk around the inside of each of the buildings. Be sure to carefully consider your choices because there is something mouthwatering at each stage of the process.


What is the location of the broad street market?

The Broad Street Market, located in Midtown Harrisburg and spans three city blocks, is a popular meeting point for residents and tourists interested in getting a flavorful taste of the city’s culture they are visiting.

What is broad street market?

At the time, the area that is now designated West Harrisburg was still referred to as West Harrisburg. Explore the interior of the nation’s oldest market house that is still in operation today.