All the facts you need to know about big chief Jackie Braasch!

Big chief Jackie Braasch is a name that should ring bells for any auto enthusiast or follower of racing events. Jackie Braasch has been a famous street racer for a long time, with unparalleled dedication to the automotive business and her love of racing. She has also participated in many high-profile events, which have contributed to her rise to prominence in recent times. In this article we will discuss more about big chief Jackie Braasch in detail.

Early years for Jackie Braasch:

In 1993, Jackie Braasch entered the world. Her exact date of birth is unknown. Leo is Jackie’s zodiac sign. To counter that, Jackie was born in the United States. As may be observed in her writings, Jackie is a devoted animal lover. It’s possible that this is one of her passions in addition to her family and racing. Authentic to her American roots runs Jackie Braasch. When it comes to race, Braasch fits the white mold.


Her father had a repair shop, and she sometimes assisted him. While there, she learned the ins and outs of driving and even picked up a few racing techniques. Jackie’s dad was a mechanic, and he used to focus primarily on race cars. Braasch learned and improved as time went on. She eventually became involved with the kid-friendly Junior Dragster class.


Big chief Jackie Braasch’s girlfriend has been interested in her field since she was a little kid.  Since 2017, when Big Chief and his ex-wife Alicia split up, Jackie Braasch has become his girlfriend. Immediately after Justin and Alicia Shearer separated, Jackie Braasch began seeing Justin. Most motorsports fans have blasted her for ending Justin and Alicia’s long-term relationship.


Following the news that big chief Jackie Braasch had abandoned his wife for Jackie Braasch, many devotees of the Street Outlaws were left feeling depressed. Big Chief’s ex-wife, Alicia Shearer, filed for divorce in 2017. Regular viewers took notice of their divorce because they had grown accustomed to seeing the husband and wife so affectionately interact. He went so far as to say Braasch was to blame for the breakup between Big Chief and his wife.

The allegations against Jackie, however, have not been verified. Jackie’s loyal fan base has reminded her to disregard the haters, who are in the dark about her relationship with Big Chief.

Expertise in the Academic Field:

When it came to her schooling, Jackie did not continue her studies through High School. She always wanted to be a famous race car driver, and her enthusiasm for the sport propelled her toward that goal. Jackie Braasch has completed the requirements for a high school diploma.

Career of Jackie:

Jackie embarked on a successful career at an early age. Since she’s been competing in the Dragster class, her abilities have significantly improved. To get her racing feet wet, Jackie Braasch entered various competitions. Jackie’s career culminated in the super pro race. Many of her first races were in the Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series. Braasch’s expertise has earned her many accolades.

She was one of the top 12 finalists in the 2014 Car Chix competition for women in auto racing. A year later, in May of 2015, Jackie has crowned Car Chix girl. His profession progressed to the point where it was very fulfilling, but it also demanded a great deal of his time and energy. While many of Justin’s loved ones found his complaint that he had lost quality time with his loved ones humorous, the singer himself was surprised by the reaction.

Age and appearance:

At the age of 31 years, Jackie Braasch was born on July 4, 1990, in Joliet, Illinois, USA. Fans of the female racing car driver already knew she was young since she showed an early interest in vehicles. If you ask her supporters why she knows so much about cars, they would tell you it’s in her blood. Her eccentric family fostered Jackie’s interest in racing.

Big Chief and Jackie Braasch have been together for quite some time, and there has never been any indication of trouble between them. Racers on social media know that Jackie is a lovely lady. Many speculated about her actual age, given her youthful appearance and apparent aptitude for automobiles.

Interest in race:

Jackie’s interest in racing began to grow when she was 17, and she bought a dragster not long after that. Many racing car drivers are concerned with themselves and their desires, such as accumulating as much wealth as possible. Jackie, on the other hand, is not just worried about vehicles and tournament victories. She finds tremendous pleasure in striking up discussions with strangers and seeing where they go, ideally forming lifelong connections.

Big chief Jackie Braasch competed in many competitions, including the Super Pro Championship, the Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series, and the Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Race, which became her most well-known competition. At first, she was skeptical, and rightly so; after all, 400 women had attempted to sabotage her professional advancement. Jackie made it into the top 12, and the management of Car Chix saw her ability and recruited her. The former racing car driver decided to become a teacher to serve the community and encourage young people to reach their full potential.

Presence on social media:

Jackie’s popularity increased due to her relationship with Big Chief, and consequently, so did the audience for her social media posts. Her Instagram account currently boasts 85,400 active followers. People appreciate Jackie’s ability to keep them up to date on her life utilizing her Instagram account, where she frequently posts photos of herself.

Jackie shared a snapshot of Big Chief and herself on Instagram, apologizing to followers that she had not yet uploaded a video. Jackie wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving in an Instagram photo where she was seen cuddling with big chief Jackie Braasch.


How was big Chief Jackie Braasch doing monetarily?

Big Chief Jackie Braasch’s monthly income from her job is sufficient to allow her to maintain a standard of living that is in line with her expectations. Jackie’s assets are worth a total of half a million dollars.

How much do we know about Jackie’s exact dimensions?

Jackie Braasch, Big Cheif’s girlfriend, is 57 kg. It rises from the building’s base to its roof, which tops out at around 1.7 meters. Starting from the foundation, it progressed to the ceiling.

When Big Chief Jackie Braasch become partners?

Jackie’s recent 29th birthday coincided with the start of her relationship with Justin Shearer. These two events happened not too long ago in history. Jackie had already entered her thirtieth year at the time.