Below deck med season 7 Cast, Premiere Date, Trailer and More!

Below deck med season 7 latest episode will be available to view online beginning July 11th. According to a rumour from E! News, Peacock will have its “supersized season debut” on July 4th. It seems like the stars have aligned just so. Apart from Sandy Yawn and Zee Dempers, the show’s sixth season will include two new characters. While they were first sceptical, they ultimately decided to book a vacation in Malta. Raygan Tyler, Natalya Scudder, Kyle Viljoen, Storm Smith, and Jason Gaskell will attend, as will many other notables. Let’s discuss more below deck med season 7.

Supporters of the white race:

She supported Malia White, a green deckhand from season two. When she returned as a bosun in season 5, Captain Sandy aimed to make her a leader. Fans may expect to see familiar characters, but Malia will not be returning. After witnessing her fix her Bosun Raygan, I hope the table settings go well. “Bring me a naked guy immediately,” Natalya orders her “twin” Natasha to do. This season’s is not new location the only thing.

Sandy’s employees:

Last season, Sandy’s employees got along well. The best squad in her eyes, she called them. I assure you that that will not be stated at the end of this season. Steak Natasha made fun of her methods for handling guests. . Please, all the way! Chef Dave confesses that he enjoys working under pressure in a teaser confessional. They’ll visit Zee and Sandy’s home this weekend to participate in the festivities.

Second Stew:

In the first three episodes, he’s almost sure to have a breakdown. I’ll start with that. Mzi was hardly seen in the trailer. It seems that Storm is engaged to be married to Natalya’s lookalike/Cheif Stew, Natasha. One of Kyle’s Second Stews gets along well with a stranger. The interior design will be visually appealing. Natasha and Kyle appear to be always at odds.

Med 7 fans unite:

Captain Sandy will be in command of the superyacht Home this time around. During the teaser, the captain reveals that this will be his first trip to Malta. I’ll be working on a different boat with a different crew this season. Raygan Tyler will be the bosun, while Natasha Webb will be the head stew. In his first appearance on the Below Deck Med show, Chef Dave White serves as a cast member. Even though Deckhand Mzi Dempers is back, the rest of the crew is all new.

Bit of a showboat, Raygan commits:

When Natalya and Storm start flirting, it looks like a hazardous move. Deckhand flirtation with a charter passenger has the crew questioning their relationship with Natasha and Dave. On the Lower Deck, accidents are sure to happen. Captain Sandy is irritated at Raygan’s error. Captain Sandy must be alert and on the lookout for any dangers in charge of a new crew and a new location. Captain Sandy is a micromanager by viewers and former cast members of below deck med season 7.

The Captain’s yawned:

New crew members join Captain Sandy Yawn and Deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers in Malta for the Bravo series’ seventh season, as shown in the series’ debut trailer. Beginning on the 11th of July, Bravo’s venerable reality series “The Real World” returns for its seventh season. On July 4, Peacock will telecast the season’s supersized premiere.

Natasha Stew makes fun:

Sandy and Zee are joined by new crew members Natasha Webb, Chef Dave White, Raygan Tyler, Natalya Scudder, Kyle Viljoen, Storm Smith, and Jason Gaskell. Sandy explains in the new teaser, “Our mission is to make this your home away from home.” View the trailer and photos of the cast after the jump. “Serve them alcohol when the shit hits the fan,” advises Chief Stew Natasha. Below deck med season 7 wouldn’t be the same without the angst and flings.

Dave the Chef:

Problems may arise due to Natasha’s new relationship with Chef Dave, affecting the whole team.  Sandy have a run-in with a giant buoy and the weather.

The racism of Pete:

Viewers of Bravo are aware that there is a lot of drama going on behind the scenes. As an example, consider Pete’s termination from the company. When the primary deckhand of the Wellington called his boss Malia “sweetheart,” he was sacked. According to reports, having posted a picture of a chained Black woman on social media, Pete will be let go in June 2020. In below deck med season 7, Bravo cut down on his appearances.


After then, he offered his apologies. The meme was posted on Instagram by a deckhand in July 2020. In my opinion, the meme’s implicit bias is offensive because of its use of harsh imagery and symbols. “I’m sorry to everyone I’ve hurt or disrespected,” he continues. Cooking the second batch of stew in season 5, Lara and Hannah had a tense first encounter. I’ve consistently campaigned for the equitable treatment of all people. ‘Never publish anything without first giving it some thought. It’s not for everyone, Pete.


Lara, a native of Italy, inquired. Reaction from Hanna was fast.  their first night out. Even though Lara is not a quitter, “sometimes in life you have to choose,” she said. Upon seeing Lara cleaning up after the workers, Hannah requested if she might wash her clothes. When the second stew violated orders, Hannah pointed her finger at Lara.

Hannah’s Medicines:

One of the show’s scariest moments was Hannah’s Valium hoard.  Captain Sandy received a photograph from an unidentified crew member in the episode. A vape pen, a lighter, and Valium were all visible in the photo. Hannah was questioned by Captain Sandy regarding the aft deck find.


After Chef Kiko Lorran departed the previous episode, Hannah took the pills before Malia. Malia appeared on WWHL to describe the occurrence. Malia insisted that she had to take care of it. On Twitter, Hannah defended herself by posting a photo of Malia and the back of the Valium box to prove she had a prescription for the tranquillizer. While Stew Natalya falls for a crew member, Stew Kyle tries to make a connection with an onboard guest.

Malia is in charge of the planning:

Recommendations are included on a label on the box.  On a night out with the actors, Lexi Wilson and Malia argued. The night’s emotions pushed Mzi Dempers. It’s my fault that I didn’t tell anybody what was on my mind. “I didn’t manage it very well, which is partially my duty,” she told The Daily Dish in July 2021. I think Malia’s arrangement is fantastic.” a prescription for Valium, a lighter, a passport holder, and some CBD oil.

Lexi expressed her regrets:

“15-hour workdays, a lot of things going on, and liquor don’t help. With my father, I was occupied. “I’d lost all control of anything,” I said. Malia doubted Lexi’s sincere apologies to the rest of the squad. “She was most likely thinking, ‘Whatever.'” “Unknown. “Everyone gets over it,” the bosun said to Us Weekly. It was a forceful statement you made, ‘How could you forget?’ Even if it wasn’t as accurate or truthful as we had hoped, it was the best we could manage.


Below deck, med season 7 has a release date and a teaser video. The second spinoff from the mega-hit series Below Deck Med follows staff members demanding charter customers on board a luxury yacht. Below Deck Med provides yacht charters in Greece, Croatia, and Mallorca. Mark Howard led the first season of Below Deck Med. Captain Sandy Yawn, one of the few female captains, is introduced in Season 2.


When will the first episode of Below Deck Adventure air?

Below deck med season 7 has also been announced. Season 6 came to a close in October of 2021 with a reunion. More Below Deck is on the way.

Who gets fired for using drugs?

In the middle of the season, after obtaining a photo of Ferrier’s unregistered Valium and vape pen from bosun Malia White, Yawn decided to fire him. Ferrier was worried about how the recording would be received when it was broadcast, but she had a lot of support.

What is lower than below deck med?

On Monday, the below deck med season 7 will debut 2 May. When we arrive, Captain Sandy and her crew will be waiting for us on the Lady Michelle in Croatia.