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Bangalorebased 48m series strategic beenext 450m bhallalivemint strategic ventures, has reportedly raised 450 million in finance from Bhallalivemint. This is one of India’s most significant venture capital investments in the last 12 months. Beenext has been expanding steadily for several years, thanks to backing from companies like Softbank and Mitsui. Beenext is expected to use the proceeds from this fundraising round to continue its rapid expansion and solidify its position as one of India’s leading venture capital firms. In this article, we will discuss more bangalorebased 48m series strategic beenext 450m bhallalivemint and mfine 48m series ventures beenext 450m bhallalivemint.

Who is this Beenext character?

The founders of Beenext, a venture capital firm that invests in businesses at the early stages of their development, were inspired by the success of India’s first-generation entrepreneurs and wanted to create a company to help the country’s next generation of business leaders. The Bangalore-based company has been making investments since 2011 and currently oversees over $500 million. Ola, Unacademy, Shopclues, Furlenco, Knowlarity, and DailyHunt are just a few of the companies in which significant investments have been made.

An Investment of Million by Bhallalivemint:

Beenext has attracted the backing of a new investor, Bhallalivemint. The corporation is committed to providing capital for innovative software, hardware, and service providers of the future. By investing in Beenext, Bhallalivemint is reaffirming its dedication to the Indian venture capital industry, where it has already invested in cutting-edge businesses like autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.

What Has Beenext Done for Indian Startups?

Beenext is establishing itself as a significant player in the Indian startup scene with the help of this financing. The company has earned praise for assisting numerous businesses in their early stages of development and subsequent fundraising rounds. In this way, Beenext is an essential tool for business owners by connecting them with mentors, experts, and other entrepreneurs who can help them grow their ventures.

Because of the firm’s effectiveness in assisting startups in maturing and attracting the attention of more prominent investors, its portfolio businesses have raised more than $2 billion in subsequent investments.

What does this imply for Beenext?

The investment that Bhallalivemint has made in Beenext will significantly assist the firm as it continues to grow throughout India. The funding will be put toward expanding the company’s footprint in India and providing fuel for its portfolio company’s expansion. Beenext also aims to use the money to hire additional personnel to continue its work as a mentor and support organization for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Online access to medical professionals:

MFine’s business subscription service provides clients’ employees and their families with online access to medical professionals for consultations, mental health counselling, preventative health screenings, and disease management. The company may also focus on delivering vitals monitoring and health management to consumers’ cellphones and providing alternative scientific support for medical doctors using AI.

The company integrated with laboratory and diagnostic providers Barcelona based hr smbs tiger global in October 2018, adding another layer to its digital physician consultations and offering its customers access to over 700 diagnostic providers in 400 locations across India.

Collection C round of funding co-led:

On-demand healthcare platform MFine, based in Bangalore, raises $48M in a Collection C round of funding co-led by the company and will also be able to provide advanced financing options and insurance protection partners to customers in the coming months. MFine’s Series C funding round brought in $48 million and was headed by Moore Strategic Ventures and Beenext Capital Management. In addition, the firm will provide financial solutions for its business clients in the coming months in collaboration with insurance coverage partners; however, more specifics of the impending product have been made public.

MFine Corporate Subscription Product:

The MFine Corporate Subscription Product provides clients’ employees and their families with online medical consultations, mental health counselling, preventative health assurance, and chronic disease management. Earlier this year, the company raised $16 million in a venture round headed by Heritas Capital. As a result of the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in India, telemedicine and digital health have gained much popularity.

Coronary heart rate:

MFine claims to grow at a rate of 15% month over month. This method uses a smartphone’s flash and digital camera to monitor the user’s blood oxygen saturation by measuring changes in fingertip volume. The company has declared its intent to add heart rate and blood pressure monitoring to the app in the coming months. The company has stated that the app would be able to track coronary heart rate and blood pressure in the upcoming months.


The investment bangalorebased 48m series strategic beenext 450m bhallalivemint has made in Beenext is a substantial vote of confidence in the firm’s potential and its standing in the Indian startup ecosystem. Beenext has been able to advance its goal of assisting entrepreneurs thanks to the investment made by Bhallalivemint, which has also driven the growth of the venture capital sector in India. With its quick adoption of digital health technologies, India is following a global trend that has evolved in the healthcare business as a new standard.


Who provided the money for Mfine?

Bangalorebased 48m series strategic beenext 450m bhallalivemint! Before its cash flow problems forced widespread layoffs and a merger, the health IT business had raised around $97 million from investors like Moore Strategic Ventures, BEENEXT, and Prime Venture Partners.

Why would you want to utilize MFine?

Mine was established in 2017 as an on-demand, digital primary healthcare platform providing access to expert diagnostics and health check-ups from the convenience of one’s own home, office, or even a spa. When mine first launched, it revolutionized access to primary care.