Find out all about Azkals dog (The Dog Behind The Weird Name)

Azkals dog is one of the most well-liked canine species in the Philippines is the Azkal, often known as the Azkaldog. It is now a permanent fixture in many parts of the Philippines. This article will work to change that by increasing their profile throughout the globe.

How to define an Azkals dog?

The street dog in Tagalog is Asong Kalye, from whence AZKAL is derived. Filipino slum dogs have different looks over history. While the look of these dogs from the Philippines might vary widely, their size is consistent throughout the breed.

A Brief Introduction

Curiously, there is no discernible difference between an AZKAL puppy and an adult dog. The reasoning is straightforward. Because of their interbreeding, they are difficult to identify. Each mixed breed pet may look and act extremely differently since they inherit traits from both parent breeds. An AZKAL dog typically stands at a height between 64 and 70 centimeters. Females typically range from 58 to 64 cm in height, making them somewhat shorter. The average female weighs 16–20 kg, whereas males maybe 18–29 kg (sometimes even 30 kg).

Estimating the Age of an Azkals Dog

Dogs of a tiny to medium size tend to age more slowly than those of a larger size. As a result, smaller dogs have a much greater median lifespan. The Azkal is no exception; they often live for 15 to 20 years. It’s a good long life compared to dogs’ average lifespan. In the past, Azkals Dogs were kept as guard dogs. A mongrel dog breed called AZKALS lives on the streets of the Philippines. The breed is hardy because its members have adapted well to life on the streets.

The Departure of Azkal in Favor of Aspin

Because of the popularity of this native Filipino dog as a well-tempered home companion, attempts have been done to remove the impression of the breed being nothing more than a street-roaming nomad. Efforts were undertaken in the early 2000s to rebrand the street dog known as the Azkal (Asong Kalye) as the AZKAL(Asong Pinoy), or “Filipino Dog.” Changing the dog’s name from one that suggests it is a nuisance to one that suggests it is well-behaved and loyal is an attempt to shift public perception.

How To Take Care of Azkals Dog?

A pet’s health issues may often be traced back to its genetic makeup. Their high genetic variation and the fact that they have never had any serious genetic problems make the Azkals a formidable breed. They don’t have complete immunity to canine infections but have a higher tolerance for most canine viruses. Your focus should be there primarily. All you have to do is think about it, and you’ll see that the results are consistently excellent.

Needs in Food

It will be easy to track out canine food suitable for the Aspin. Because of their broad diet, these creatures will eat almost everything. Because of this difference, they have a more robust digestive system than other purebreds. There won’t be any bugs making a mess in their bellies. In this way, they may get by on inferior food and scraps. You want to feed your pet only the freshest ingredients. If not, he might become ill.

Azkals dog are dimwitted?

Aspens, in the broad sense, are highly clever canines. Some Aspies have competed well against dogs of other breeds in dog shows and agility events, demonstrating the breed’s intellectual prowess.

As well as being efficient workers, they also have the intelligence of a house pet. When it comes to the police or the military, dumb canines seldom get very far.

What about training an Azkaldog?

The spin’s intelligence allows it to be taught effectively. As mentioned before, Aspens are used by the Philippine military and several different police departments. If Aspins weren’t reliably trainable, they wouldn’t be used, and other breeds would be brought in instead. While they are most often used in narcotics detection, bomb disposal, and security, these dogs are also highly regarded for their abilities as search and rescue canines.


Purebred dog enthusiasts like the Aspens or Azkals frequently look down on mixed-breed or “mongrel” dogs as inferior to the more intelligent and trainable purebreds. Can we say that they aren’t better than those? Almost seldom, and usually not at all. Mixed-breed dogs of comparable size and activity level may be healthier than their purebred counterparts and live as long as their purebred counterparts, if not longer.


In terms of breed, what class does azkal fall into?

Strays of native Filipino mixed breeds are called “azkals” in the Philippines. The Philippines is home to about twelve million homeless individuals.

To what extent may a dog’s appearance and personality indicate whether or not it is an Aspin?

The average Azkals is a medium-sized dog, no taller than two feet.