Installation guide axis A1001 Network Door Controller!

Axis a1001 Network Door Controller is an excellent choice for large installations and complex features. AXIS Entry Manager is included. Axis Communications’ A1001 Network Door Controller is accessible via the internet as a stand-alone digital access control system. Material and setup costs are reduced because of PoE compatibility. If your questions cannot be answered immediately, your reseller will route them to the appropriate parties. Using AXIS A1001 with third-party applications is simply because of it. The axis a1001 provides power and data for readers, reducing the need for long wire runs and additional power supply. Let’s discuss more axis a1001.

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The source code for this product is licensed under the Apple Public Source License 2.0. Most Wiegand readers can use it. It is compatible with buttons, sensors, and push bars that implement Request-to-Exit (REX). N/A or N/C is the only answer. An option to unlock the device is by using one’s own hands.


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Drop-ceiling ceiling/wall is mounting plenum-rated. Software and hardware that can be used on various platforms are non-exclusive. A single reader and lock can be used to open and close two doors at the same time. Even if the network goes down, the device still works. Most types of readers are supported, door locks and contact switches. With fully configurable operations, you may tailor the system to your needs.

Online software:

Web browsers can be used from anywhere with an internet connection to access the embedded access control software in the device. Inputs and outputs for card readers and door monitors are available. Adaptable is to the needs of the situation and the equipment. Card swipes and PINs may be required for specific groups or periods. Configuration is the wizard that lets you drag and drop. When and to whom doors can be opened can be customized. Lock or unlock the door manually. Auto-discovery is for Axis and related products.

Install ability:

Connectivity via a single wire saves time and money by eliminating the need for additional wiring. Door locks and card readers can be replaced with a single PoE device. It has UPS support for PoE, so batteries aren’t needed as a backup. The axis a1001 controller and the appliance are hooked together to connect readers, relays, and locks—alarms sound when there is a loss of power or connectivity. Alarms sound after a predetermined time if contact is linked to a door.

Network Door Controller:

Enterprises and smaller systems alike can use the axis a1001Network control. Third-party apps can integrate AXIS A1001 with Axis partner solutions because it is made available to them. Plenum rating avoids the requirement for an additional cabinet above a drop ceiling thanks to the controller’s wall and ceiling mounting options.


It reduces the need for separate power and data lines in a network. Installations are trouble-free thanks to connectors that are color-coded and a setup wizard.


N/O or N/C wire door locks fail-secure, fail-open, fail-open, or N/O. When the door is opened, the lock is activated very immediately. The pre-alarm/pre-lock signal when the open-too-long alarm or door locks, a warning signal alerts the monitor or user. The time it takes for the door to be unlocked. How long the door is unlocked before it has to be locked again. The door automatically locks when it is opened. Trademarks for all other company names and products exist. For technical assistance, speak with an Axis reseller.


Control two separate doors at the same time. It is a Non-Proprietary, Open-Source Platform and Integrated websites through web browsers. You guessed it; it’s Power of the Empire. It’s a CI/O. Alarms and the actions they trigger. It’s the integration of a warning or fire panel.


The system comprises computer hardware, readers, locks, and door sensors. A variety of factors can trigger actions.

Axis a1001Security:

With the axis a1001Network Door Controller, users can easily manage their doors from a distance. Axis Entry Manager is part of the package. It is possible to use third-party software with the axis a1001door controller. Axis a1001can be combined with the best-in-class hardware and software. Fault/tamper detection and UPS support are included in the system’s 14 customizable input/outputs (UPS).

Axis Entry Manager:

Axis a1001 Entry Manager Software is included with the axis a1001camera. AXIS Entry Manager is software for small, entry-level access systems. Controls who has access to what doors, when they have access to them, and with what form of identification they have – pin codes, cards, mobile phones, license plates, fingerprints, and so on. You don’t have to rely on a single manufacturer using this open platform to select the best hardware and software for the area and application.


The locks, readers, and other auxiliary devices on the axis a1001are all powered by PoE. It is easier to install and maintain a system with fewer wires. Wireless locks and elevator control are possible with the axis a1001. If you need more than the essential functions of AXIS Entry Manager, our partners can help. Hof is Einstein1 Digital Entrepreneurship Center. This startup contact point serves building users using IP cameras, door controls, and card readers.


Axis a1001is a controller for each door, and system controllers automatically sync data. It is possible to use most Wiegand RS 485 OSDP readers. For simple access management of up to 33 controllers, the device has built-in software and an open API for more complex configurations; IEEE 802.3af Class 3 is supported by the plenum-rated controller. With the AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, users can easily manage their doors from a distance.


Is Access control for small and medium-sized systems?

Axis develops free software. Integrate high-quality software and hardware. Easy system integration. It’s ONVIF A/C-compatible.

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