Attack on titan sword can be worn as keychains!

Attack on titan sword blades serves a purpose. Attack on titan sword is made of a metal that is either the strongest or one of the strongest on the planet, depending on your perspective. While cannon rounds struggle to cause significant damage to Titans’ skin, sharp weapons just can’t cut it. Titans’ skin is no laughing matter. Sasha repeatedly slashed at a Titan with an ax, but the damage was minimal each time. Attack on titan sword is safe, enjoyable, and accurate. ¬†For our SIDE project in Ms. Berbawy’s Intro to Engineering Design class, we recreated the sword from the classic anime and manga series Attack on Titan. Here we will discuss the attack on the titan sword.

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The inventor was used for the design, and an Ultimaker 2+ and Lulzbot Mini were also utilized for 3D printing. After that, we made several reproductions of the sword for our cosplay. The anime and manga series Attack on Titan is one of our favorites, so this project is significant to us. It was exciting for us to learn how to use the Maker materials we had access to in Ms. Berbawy’s class to make our made-up sword a reality. Our approach entailed a series of experiments in which we made mistakes and learned from them.

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Research at an attack on titan sword:

Despite our best efforts, we could not create a perfect replica due to time restraints and limited knowledge. Our efforts were rewarded with a wealth of new information. Aside from being shorter and without cords, our version is also more accessible to hold due to the more uncomplicated handle design we’ve adopted from the original design. The Hacksmith’s innovations were the final inspiration for our product, which we based on after a long search on YouTube for a good model.

The blades of attack on the titan sword:

The first image shows the typical blade part, four inches long. Images of the blade’s tip appear in the second shot. We’re concerned about your safety, so it’s not sharp. The final image is a composite of the original information and the standard component. As its name suggests, this 5-inch-long assemblage is positioned at its most extreme point. When constructed, the blade measures 25 inches long.


For our project, the handle was the most time-consuming component. Our first attempt at a design may be seen in the drawing above; however, after some analysis, we realized that the handle in its fully completed state could not be 3D printed. It took a lot of discussion and debate before we finally landed on three parts that would be printed and assembled to create the final product. In the second photograph, the size of the base may be seen. The finger grip is shown fully built in the third image.

Print of attack on titan sword:

The settings for the print can be seen above, and the results can be seen to the right of that. Remove the supports with care because of the handle’s structure, which makes it difficult. After a few hours of work, we were finally done. The entire sword is now complete.

The Sword’s Painting and Assembling:

The next step is the construction of the sword. For the most outstanding results, use three coats of silver spray paint; this will take a long time to cure properly. We recommend painting the central piece of the handle brown, then covering it with masking tape once it is dried. To complete the look, you’ll need to paint the piece silver. You can take off the video once a period has elapsed. All of the parts can be glued together when the paint has dried.


It would not have been possible to execute this project without the help of many different people. We owe a debt of gratitude to our teacher, Ms. Berbawy, for providing us with the necessary resources and to our classmate Sven, who helped us set up our prints. Thank you for taking the time to look at our project, too.

Facts about attack on titan sword:

Your weapon is essential if you’re going to face the titans. If you’re on a quest to destroy titans, the more powerful your gun, the faster and easier it will be. In the Equipment Supply Station, you can construct and improve a wide range of blades, each with its own set of pros and disadvantages. Three essential qualities influence the overall power of a sword. Sharpness is a term used to describe the amount of damage you deal with each assault. Following are facts about the attack on the titan sword.

Attack on Titan’s Weapons:

Many weapons are used in Attack on Titan to battle the Titans and the humans who are their enemies. When Attack on Titan begins, the world is surrounded by three gigantic walls to protect its inhabitants from the mindless human-eating monsters living outside the walls. Humanity has invented hundreds of fighting methods and technological devices to deal with and possibly eliminate the Titans’ danger. Weapons such as swords and guns predominate throughout the story due to the ease of portability and accessibility.

When defending against Titan attacks:

When it comes to guarding against Titan attacks, weapons are ineffective. Because they haven’t made much progress technologically since the Walls were first built, this is the case. The story’s most common types of firearms include shotguns, pistols, muskets, flintlocks, and lock guns. Observing the world outside of Paradis has developed more advanced weapons, such as machine guns and revolvers, is fascinating.

Executioner from Hell is only capable of being used on one Titan at a time:

When Hange Zo utilizes the Executioner from Hell, it is a “fixed-point weapon” because it is permanently attached to the Wall gates. A pulley system suspends a massive log in the air, which is lowered when the weapon’s target, a Titan, comes into range. In addition to being extremely valuable, the Executioner from Hell is guaranteed to succeed. This weapon’s drawback is that it necessitates the presence of human “bait” to draw in any nearby Titans.

Blades constructed from ultra-hard steel are easy to use and effective:

Most of the bladed weapons used in Attack on Titan are made of ultrahard steel, capable of readily slicing through Titan skin. Scouts use them to instruct new members, and in the hands of veterans like Mikasa and Levi, they can do significant harm. Ultrahard blades have one of the most important advantages for their wielders: the capacity to carry many swords at once.

Mounted artillery performs best in close quarters combat paradoxically:

Because of this, before the introduction of Omnidirectional Mobility Gear, wall-mounted artillery could only be used to kill Titans with limited success. As a result, cannons are excellent defense weapons because they reduce Titan mobility and inflict damage on the creatures. The Paradis wall-mounted artillery fires grapeshots and high-explosive shells. Both of these types of ammunition are effective when aimed at targets that are within striking distance.


Equipment used by the Military Police for anti-personnel vertical movement is an improved version of Scouts’ ODM gear. Even though this gear is ineffectual against Titans, the Military Police’s technology is the most advanced in the world. Even highly trained soldiers can be defeated with the APVM technology… Military Police shotguns can deliver tremendous stopping power with their high caliber ammo and single-loader design. Kenny Ackerman manages to overwhelm the Scouts with this weapon, but his nephew Levi eventually defeats him.


What is an attack on titan sword?

The blades may break if they come into contact with something very abrasive, like the Female Titan’s rocky skin or the Armored Titan’s armor.

What are the names of the numerous weapons in AOT?

Attack on titan sword: The story’s most common types of firearms include shotguns, pistols, muskets, flintlocks, and lock guns. Observing the world outside of Paradis has developed more advanced weapons, such as machine guns and revolvers, is fascinating.