Astalon tears of the earth-How long does it take to play through Astalon?

Astalon tears of the earth seem to be ubiquitous these days, as the Steam marketplace is practically bursting at the seams with pixel art titles. The Xbox is where I play most of them, as a significant part of them end up there. In retro-themed games, I get a strong dose of nostalgia, and it can get even more intense when I find a game that seems like it might have been released on an old video game console like an NES or SNES is what I’m referring to here. astalon tears of the earth, by Matt Kap and his team at LABSworks and publisher Danger, was just released. In this article, we will discuss astalon tears of the earth.

Helpful hints and cheats for astalon tears of the earth:

Astalon Tears of the Earth is a challenging video game at the start. By following these guidelines, players should be able to go fast from the beginner to the professional level. Action-platforming game Astalon Tears of the Earth incorporates various elements from older action-platformers into its gameplay. A retro-style, dark game where players battle demon gangs in towers and temples. Astalon tears of the earth aren’t forgiving or simple. Each room’s style, color scheme, and theme are distinct.

Unique gameplay loop:

They’re putting together a solid collection of titles. It has a rapid speed, some Metroidvania elements, a unique gameplay loop, an abundance of exciting mysteries, and various other amusing extra features. LABSworks has done an excellent job. Picking up this game should be a no-brainer if you’re a fan of the old-school action platformer genre. The speed of the music could be the most critical consideration. Hundreds of rooms are scattered across the tower’s various portions.

Platformers and puzzle games:

Newcomers to the genre may find the beginning of the game challenging, especially if they have a limited amount or none at all of the relevant experience. To get started, take advantage of the community resources offered, view any game videos available, and follow any pertinent advice. Those with experience with other video game genres, such as platformers and puzzle games, will have little trouble adjusting to the gameplay of this title.

Complete the tasks listed below:

Players will encounter completionist areas in Tears of the Earth, although they are not required to progress further in the game. This assignment must be completed even if the players want to move on to the next section of the story as quickly as possible. Complete these optional completionist elements, and the player will not only have more time to enjoy the game but will also be able to acquire unique items that will benefit them in terms of bragging rights and in-game assistance.

Continuously Pursue the Acquisition of Souls:

It would help if you collected souls anytime you come across them in Astalon: Tear Of The Earth because the game requires this. If a player does not have enough souls, the game will become more challenging as the player progresses. Souls are required for nearly all of the character’s upgrades. Optional completionist parts will be available to the player at various times throughout the game. These allow players to gain many extra souls, which they can use to level up their characters to their highest potential.

Upgrades That Have No Rank Are Best:

Astalon Tears of the Earth is one of the few independent platforming games to include upgrades as part of the gameplay. Both rank-based and non-rank-based upgrades are available in the game. A player should prioritize rank-dependent upgrades but shouldn’t ignore the rankless options that are still readily accessible. To make the game more enjoyable, you need to invest in upgrades like Orb Seeker, which lets you instantly collect Orbs, and Map Reveal, which removes the fog from the whole map. Rank-based enhancements are more critical in the long run. Thus players should make sure they have enough souls to afford them.

It would help if you went for a Rank Increase:

Players in Astalon Tears of the Earth should try to get all rated upgrades as early as possible. For example, Invincibility and Health Up are two of the most rated upgrades since they help the player maintain their health and make it easier to catch orbs. It would help if you thought twice about using some of the Ranked Upgrades before using them. A 10% increase in damage is offset by a 10% increase in orb drop rate with the Death Wish upgrade.

After Death, Go in Search of Gorgon Statues:

Astalon tears of the Earth’s world map are littered with Gorgon Statues. The multiplier for Soul Orb drops rises when these statues are destroyed. Some gamers may miss these; however, many online videos and articles can help you find them. Many players are probably unaware that after a player dies, all of the Gorgon Statues respawn and must be destroyed a second time to apply the multiplier. Respawning and returning to these Gorgon Statues is the only way to ensure that the Soul Orb multiplier is maximized. If you’ve ever played an older Nintendo platformer, you’re familiar with the concept of having to go back and redo your past actions.

Find the Developers’ Secret Room:

An unmarked developer room in Astalon: Tears of the Earth has been guarded with great care. It’s worth the players’ time to search for it because they’ll be rewarded with extra things and Soul Orbs if they succeed. Many independent games feature Easter eggs like this one, and finding them benefits the player.

Take Your Time:

Playing a game like Tears of the Earth may feel a little lost because it doesn’t hold your hand. Especially when they get to the more challenging parts of the story, players should take their time to go through the game. Many levels require the player to accomplish activities in a specified order. A door on the east side of the screen can only be locked if they first pull a lever on the right side of the screen. When playing games like Astalon and other long-forgotten riddles, it’s essential to take the time to think things through and search around for clues.


Tears of the Earth are a video game released in 2021 by LABS Works, a Canadian business, and Danger Entertainment, a Japanese company. Arias is a warrior, Kyuli is an archer, and Algus is a wizard in the video game’s narrative. Most of where they grew up is now desert, and they’re on a mission to save it. Metroidvania games are taking over my gaming collection. Astalon Tears of the Earth is a recent Switch download. This retro-style video game features a foreboding tower, terrible monsters, and the likely death of the game’s heroes.


What are action tears of the earth?

Taking place in a world on the brink of extinction, Tears of the Earth is an action-packed platformer in which death can be used as a stepping stone to success. Climb the mystery tower alongside Arias, the fighter, Kyuli, the rogue, and Algus, the wizard.

How to utilize this information?

To save time, players can check online videos or guides showing where the room is located and then utilize this information. On the other hand, players will have less fun if they go out of their way to find it.