Are zombies coming in 2021? CDC Has a Preparedness Guide!

Are zombies coming in 2021? If you were under the impression that this year was challenging, wait until you see what happens in 2021. Nostradamus, a French scholar, predicted a zombie apocalypse and a worldwide famine within the year following his death. Kennedy, the 9/11 attacks, and World War II, Nostradamus rose to notoriety in modern times. An astrologer from the 16th century predicted that Russian scientists would discover a biological weapon that would transform humanity into zombies in 2021. it was another one of his ominous prophecies. To get things started, only a few young people were “half-dead.” Here we will discuss Are zombies coming in 2021?

Are zombies coming in 2021? Zombie Preparedness:

If you’re interested in reading about doomsday predictions and the world’s end, you’ve come to the perfect place. According to reports, Michel de Nostradamus predicted that the zombie apocalypse would begin in 2021. What’s the harm in trying? Many of Nostradamus’s prophecies from the 1500s are claimed to have come to fruition. It’s important to remember, too, that his predictions are sometimes unclear because they’re written as poetry. That is to say; you can view the world in numerous ways.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy:

He is said to have predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler’s rise, and Henry II’s demise.¬† refer to Hitler. In contrast, Nostradamus’s prophecies are frequently unclear and might be understood to relate to a wide range of tragic historical events.

Ill-advised ideas:

Individuals, the Temporal, and the Masses will all be eradicated by a slew of ill-advised ideas. The Great One will be gone, and the universe as we know it will be with him. The Great One’s ancestors have died from an infinite number of deaths. The pestilent she-monster has devastated women. The Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic caught the United States off guard and unprepared, but now contemplate what might happen if a zombie apocalypse struck the United States.

Is there going to be a zombie outbreak in 2021?

A “zombie attack” has been read as “Few young people: half-dead to begin” in the year 2021, according to some interpretations of Nostradamus’s prophecies. He also appears to have written, “The Great One will be no more, all of the universes will come to an end,” screams the pestilent she-monster. It’s also alleged that he predicted the world’s impending hunger, the impact of two asteroids on Earth, and even the existence of COVID-19, which he supposedly prophesied.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

It is predicted that a queen would emerge from the east, bringing with her a plague to a spot with seven hills, where it will be easy for her to destroy and ruin the planet in the dead of night. There is a horrifying “zombie preparedness” guide on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. An attempt to link new audiences with preparedness lessons that first began as a lighthearted prank has become a powerful platform.

Zombie Awareness Month is set for October 2022:

At the very least, they’ll be around for the entire month of May, and the zombies are hungry. Zombie Awareness Month 2021 is scheduled to begin on May 1st and last through the conclusion of the month, during which time a variety of exciting events will be held. These books will teach you everything from the best weapons to use against zombies to the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from the undead. It could be your only chance at a happy ending.

Are zombies coming in 2021? Zombie Awareness Month 2021:

People who want to participate in the event can show their support by wearing a gray ribbon. ¬†People can dress up as walking dead for the day and display their best stumbling walk skills while enjoying special screenings of popular zombie flicks like “Night of the Living Dead.” The festival will feature these activities. Zombie Awareness Month 2021’s primary purpose is to educate people about zombies and the prospect of a future zombie pandemic. ZRS is responsible for planning and sponsoring the campaign since it is dedicated to studying and preserving the living dead.

Zombie Research Society:

As stated by the Zombie Research Society, a zombie pandemic is not only a fantasy that has been popularized in movies and books; it is a real threat that everyone should be aware of and prepared for. During May, the public will be able to attend special presentations and events to learn about how to defend oneself and the people they care about in the case of a zombie apocalypse. The perfect excuse to dress up in fake blood and green face paint, this is a beautiful opportunity for a little harmless frivolity.

The CDC Has A Guide For Preparation:

Based on the following statement, some think that French philosopher Nostradamus predicted that the year 2021 would be the year of the zombie apocalypse “Not many teenagers; in fact, most of them have already passed away. His death will cause others to shine, and at a lofty position, some tremendous evils to occur: sad concepts will arrive to hurt each one, and Temporal dignity will allow the Mass to prosper.” No “apocalypse” here, right? “Half-dead” and “huge horrors” may bring to mind zombies.

How can one survive a zombie apocalypse?

We’ve learned what to do and what not to do from watching movies and television shows about surviving a zombie apocalypse. To begin, it should go without saying that you should stay away from areas known to be infested with zombies at all costs. If you cannot prevent it, find a safe place to hide. Ensure needy people have access to food and water. Moving as a group is safer because you can better defend against zombies.

Is there a calm place on Earth?

A bunker is widely regarded as the safest place to take refuge in the case of the zombie apocalypse. It’s your only chance to see the sun again: board a boat and head towards a secluded island. Zombies may follow you there, so you’ll have to hope they don’t. Prisons are almost always the right choice. Alcatraz combines an island and a jail so that you can hide from zombies. You may not be able to return to the lower level if you climb.


Are zombies coming in 2021? Popular media franchises like The Walking Dead and The Last of Us have helped revive interest in zombies. Although zombies do not exist, the public continues to believe in the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. A zombie apocalypse may not be imminent, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for the best. Rabies and leprosy symptoms are comparable to zombie symptoms, raising the possibility Of zombies coming in 2021. Researchers haven’t identified signs of a world-ending virus.


Are zombies coming in 2021?

Legends of zombies in Haiti stretch back to the 17th century when enslaved people from West Africa were transported to the country to work in the sugar fields. As a result of the horrible conditions they were subjected to, enslaved people longed for liberation.

Is it possible for zombies to swim?

According to executive producer Dave Erickson, who spoke at the PaleyFest on Saturday, Zombies cannot swim.