Everything you need to know about Amon Gus German serial killer!

Amon Gus German serial killer is Aeman Lovel Presley. The well-known German author of Polish ancestry oversaw the operation of the Kraków, Poland, and concentration camp is known as Plaszow. If you’ve watched Schindler’s List, you’ll be familiar with the name Amon Goeth, even if it doesn’t signify anything to you. The film and book are based on the life of Amon Goeth, a Nazi SS commander stationed in Kraków during World War II as part of Operation Reinhard, which became one of the greatest mass murders of Jews in history.

Ein Kuss im winter and Die perfekte Lüge, both mysteries he wrote, have been published all over the globe. He has been honoured with various literary prizes, including Germany’s highest crime fiction honour, the Deutscher Krimi Preis. In this article, we will discuss more amon gus german serial killer.

Who is Amon?

On July 21, 1934, Amon Luiz de Mattos Gomes entered the world in So Paulo, Brazil. Gomes’ father was a diplomat; thus, when he was 13, his family moved to Germany. Instead of continuing his education, he earned his Baccalaureate and backpacked around Europe. Among contemporary mystery and thriller writers, Amon Gus has become one of the most prolific. The best way to get to know Amon is to learn about his background.

Amon was born into a middle-class household in Hamburg, Germany, but this wasn’t the only factor in his meteoric rise to literary greatness. At age 30, Amon finally began to write. Though it may seem late to some, it might be perfect timing for others.

Parents of Amon:

Amon was raised by his biological parents, neither of whom ever married. They met when he was still in the womb. Amon never met his biological father since he left the country before his birth, and his mother passed away when he was 18. After she passed away, he no longer needed to stay at her house and instead set out to establish his own independent life. Amon has spent the better part of his adult life avoiding any touch with his family. He doesn’t like people very much, so he stops talking to them.

Intimate sphere:

Amon Gus is a very private person. This is not unexpected, considering that many of his novels deal with police corruption. There is little known about Amon, not even his age or where he was born, much alone what sparked his interest in writing. A conversation with a person who claims to be Amon’s close friend yielded the information we have regarding Amon’s background. Whether or whether these claims are accurate, the few data we have about Amon’s loved ones suggest that he is a lonely guy.

Career of Amon as banker:

Amon had established himself as a prominent banker at Deutsche Bank by age 30. Things started to go well for him almost immediately when he quit his well-paying job at Deutsche Bank to focus on writing full-time.

Amon as author:

He finally decided to publish his first book, which became an instant hit throughout Europe. Afterwards, he stopped thinking about it. Amon began publishing his work while still a teenager in Brazil, where he wrote and set in print both poems and short tales. A pseudonym Amon was born when he relocated to Germany and started writing books. Since then, Amon has published nearly 40 novels.

His writings have been rendered in other languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. Amon is a writer and a journalist who has contributed to publications including Die Zeit and Sueddeutsche Zeitung. His writings have been published in various newspapers and magazines, including Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Deutsche Zeitung, among others.

Books by Amon Gus:

His debut book, Random Targets, came out in 2009. He then wrote a novel called No One’s Angel. As of now, he is not actively writing anything. It was published in 2011 and was his most recent novel. Overall, more than a million copies of his novels have been purchased.

His novels may be purchased from various online bookstores, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Each book typically costs between $7 and $10; however, this may vary widely across bookstores. One of his novels, for instance, is available in two separate editions, each of which is priced differently on online stores.


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Since his debut novel was released in 2003, Amon G. has reportedly authored over 70 volumes. However, it is still being determined how many literary honours he has received for his work. Despite this, nobody can identify him or explain where he came from. The identities and histories of most writers are shrouded in mystery. In comparison, it has been suggested that he was a medical student working on a dissertation when he got the writing bug while sick with bronchitis, but this has never been confirmed. Nobody has been able to contact him either, at least not openly.


Is there a thing like Amon Gus?

Amon gus german serial killer: The film and book are based on the life of Amon Goeth, a Nazi SS commander stationed in Kraków during World War II as part of Operation Reinhard, which became one of the greatest mass murders of Jews in history.

Who was amon Gus German serial killer?

In 2014, American serial murderer Aeman Lovel Presley committed four murders in DeKalb and Fulton Counties in the state of Georgia. Presley pled guilty and was sentenced to several periods of life in prison without the possibility of release.