You need to know about Ajax September 10 1980 murder!

Ajax September 10 1980 murder in Spingarn High School was a tragedy. Students and faculty at Crestwood Preparatory College in North York were overcome with grief on Wednesday morning as the school paid respect to Roy Pejcinovski, a 15-year-old boy who was one of the three victims of a triple homicide that occurred in Ajax. Earlier this month, the Grade 9 student, his mother, Krassimira Pejcinovski, age 39, and his sister, Venallia, age 15, were all slain in what is believed to be a domestic-related event.

The incident took place in their home. Later, Cory Fenn, 29 years old at the time, was taken into custody and charged with three counts of second-degree murder. It is thought that Fenn was Pejcinovski’s lover. The court has not found any evidence that supports any of the allegations. Here we will discuss Ajax September 10 1980 murder, Ajax 9/10/1980, Ajax murdered in high school, and Ajax death September 10 1980.

Who was Ajax?

The Spingarn High School student Adrian Precia (alias Ajax) had a nickname. Ajax and his pals were reportedly milling about the performance hall with his buddies when one of them began haggling with him over a pistol. A shot from the firearm instantaneously murdered his friend Ajax. When he passed away, he was just sixteen. After the incident, an inquiry concluded that death resulted from an accident.

How Ajax died?

Adrain Ajax Precia was killed in the shooting incident during Springer High School’s morning assembly. At 18 years old, Michael Joseph Pratt was playing with a small rifle handgun when he accidentally shot Ajax. Tanya Brown, another 17-year-old student, told investigators she had been sitting three seats away from the victim. Tanya, the eyewitness, testified that Michael had no plans to shoot Ajax.

Ajax became afraid and yelled at Michel not to kill him, but Michel continued aiming the rifle in his general direction as if they were joking. Adrian had little chance to survive when he abruptly collapsed and banged his head.

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Did Spingarn High Schools Shut Down?

In the beginning, Ajax was the first victim of the school’s murders. The dwindling student population significantly affected the school’s closure in 2013. In the beginning, Ajax’s death was only considered a terrible accident. Nonetheless, evidence eventually pointed to Michael Joseph Pratt as the killer of Ajax. On the day he passed away, September 10, 1980.

In contrast, Michael was only a young adult at the time. Even now, he wasn’t an entirely mature adult. Michael reportedly had no intention of killing Ajax before pulling the trigger. No one at school seemed to know what had caused Ajax and Michael to argue.

What was people’s reaction to this accident?

Ajax’s passing saddened everyone at school, and the story of his death has lately gained widespread online attention. Ajax was only 16 years old and had so much potential, but his untimely death devastated his family and friends, and they have yet to get over the fact that he left them so soon.

Government officials have shut down Spingarn High School and have no intentions of reopening it. In any case, it’s a complete guide to the Ajax murder mystery. The school said that Michael’s pistol was so small that it was almost impossible to tell whether or not it was fake.

Authority and Student Reactions:

At the time of the unfortunate event, many people, including his friends, shared their sorrow with him. Another source claims that we heard Spingarn’s pupil Tanya Brown’s comments regarding the catastrophe firsthand. No proof of premeditated murder was discovered throughout the investigations.

However, the institution’s leader said that they did not know what may happen since the event involved two students. The weapon was tiny and hard to identify immediately, which complicated our efforts to solve the mystery of the Spingarn High School closing.

The Most Recent Linked Incident:

On February 15 2022, the shooting case involving Ajax became viral online. The press reports that Jahiem Robinson, 18, was murdered by his companion, also 18. Students at Scarborough High School were thrown into chaos after a strange event. However, the media has not made the perpetrator’s name public. People are talking about the Ajax Shooting because similar incidents are currently happening all across the world.


As many as 346 gun-fishing incidents in schools have occurred since 1967, affecting over 323,000 pupils. Many kids were killed or injured, and they were always stuck between being an eyewitness to the carnage or hiding out from it. Regardless of the measures taken by the United States government, gun violence victims continue to rise tragically each year. This blog post aims to provide information on the Rip Ajax incident that occurred on September 10, 1980.


What happened to Ajax September 10 1980 murder?

On September 10, 1980, Ajax was shot and killed at Spingarn High School.

Who is responsible for Ajax murdered in high school?

Another 18-year-old student at Spingarn High School, Michael Joseph Pratt, was responsible for the Ajax incident.

What is the location at the time of Ajax death September 10 1980?

The event occurred at Spingarn High School during a morning assembly in the auditorium.