Ages of Encanto characters-Chart Explored Here!

The company’s most recent release is ages of Encanto characters in a South American-set animated feature. Enchanted Colombia is also the setting for the entire story. As a result, it should be no surprise that the actors who lent their voices to the animated series had ties to Colombia. Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo, and Diane Guerrero are among the voice actors. Disney’s latest computer-animated feature film is called Encanto. In the highlands of Colombia, there lives a great clan known as the Madrigals, who have an incredible home, a lively town to call home and a gorgeous and beguiling spot known as an Encanto. Here we will discuss ages of Encanto characters.

Ages of Encanto characters- Mirabel Madrigal:

Despite her diminutive stature, Mirabel Madrigal, the shortest Madrigal in Encanto, is the movie‘s most essential character. Encanto’s protagonist, Mirabel, is just 15, but she assumes the role of a Madrigal, making her appear much older than her actual age. Mirabel has been motivated to prove to everyone in Encanto that she is deserving of their respect and adoration since she was five years old and did not acquire a miracle gift. Although she has a prominent role in Encanto, Mirabel still feels like she doesn’t belong in her own family.

Félix Madrigal:

Even though he stands at the same height as most other Madrigals, Félix Madrigal’s temperament and stockier frame make him look much larger. Second, only to Alma in age, Pepa is only a few years older than him at 52. Like Agustin, Félix is not a descendant of a Madrigal; hence he cannot sing in tune. Despite this, he is nevertheless treated as a family member. Félix is Pepa’s savior when she’s overly concerned or stressed.

The Dolores Madrigal:

According to the ages of Encanto characters, At 21, Dolores Madrigal is Pepa and Félix’s oldest child and only a few weeks younger than Isabela. She and Isabela share a birthday. Dolores’ calm, modest physique defines her persona. She’s 5’5″ like Félix, but she has Pepa’s figure. Isabella and Dolores, the oldest daughters in their families, have drastically different relationships with their younger siblings.

Camilo Madrigal:

In most Encanto, Camilo Madrigal stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall. On the other hand, Camilo was endowed with the gift of shapeshifting, which allowed him to alter his height at pleasure. At 15 years old, Mirabel and Camilo are exactly alike. Despite this, he still acts like a child. When figuring out his identity and place in the Encanto society, Camilo is no different from any other teenage boy.

 Antonio Madrigal:

Antonio Madrigal is the youngest member of the Madrigal family, having just turned five years old. Félix and Pepa’s only child, he is the tiniest of the Madrigals. Standing at a measly height of 3’10” shows how elderly he is. Despite being small, it’s taller than the town’s children. It begins with Antonio receiving a gift for his ability to communicate with animals. Before he acquired his gift, Antonio was a compassionate, sensitive person who could communicate with others.

At Pedro Madrigals:

It isn’t easy to gauge Pedro Madrigal’s height from the film because he only appears in paintings or flashbacks. Fans believe he was 172.7 centimeters tall when he was shot and killed in front of his family at 26 ages of Encanto characters. Encanto would not have been possible without Pedro’s guts and courage, even if he only appears in a few scenes. When Pedro, Alma, and other Colombians were forced to flee their homes, Pedro took the unselfish decision to give his newborn triplets and Alma a fighting chance.

Mariano Guzmán:

In Encanto, Mariano Guzmán is just 5 feet 8 inches tall but has a lot more physical mass than most other characters, making him appear older than Isabela. On the other hand, Mariano is only a year older at 22 years old. Though he appears to be a “big stupid hunk” on the surface, Mariano has an incredible heart. He seems thrilled at the prospect of marrying Isabela and becoming a member of the Madrigal clan.

Seora Guzmán:

However, even though she is Mariano’s mother, Seora Guzmán appears to be the same age as Alma, roughly 75 years old, based on the fact that she has largely gray hair and dresses in an old-fashioned way. She shares Alma’s eagerness to press on with Mariano and Isabela’s wedding preparations as the Guzmán family’s matriarch. After all, Seora Guzmán is more excited about the idea of her son finding a wife than she is about Encanto’s benefit from the union.


Osvaldo, one of the tallest characters in Encanto, stands at about 5’10”. Even though Agustin is taller, his enormous tummy makes him appear larger than other characters of the same height. Despite the lack of information about Osvaldo’s age, he is often believed to be in his forties. Even though Osvaldo’s position in Encanto is relatively limited, he is a man of a significant character. He’s a normal middle-aged man with many good intentions, but he’s also prone to saying things before he thinks them through.


In Encanto, Juancho, or “Pumped Juanch,” is the most outgoing of the three town kids. As he bounces all over the place, it’s hard to tell just how tall he is. It’s widely accepted that Juancho is the same height and age as Cecilia and Alejandra, six years old. Encanto’s Juancho is still very much a character, even though he has a minor role. While it is customary for children in Colombia to consume coffee with milk, Juancho goes a step too far with his indulgence.


Alejandra is Encanto’s tallest town youngster, standing at a towering 3’9″. When she was 6, Alejandra was thought to be a year older than Antonio, despite the reality that she was much younger. How He interacts with the other characters and how she generally behaves around them will determine how she will be perceived. Alejandra is just like her brother Juancho; she is hyperactive and always in a good mood.


Cecilia’s height is estimated to be 3’8″ shorter than Antonio’s. The town’s youngest child is the shortest and yet appears to be the same age as the other youngsters, around six years old. Cecilia may be a little more reserved than the other kids in town because of her height, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to know everything about the Madrigal family. On the other side, Cecilia’s questions are less direct and louder than Juancho and Alejandra’s, and Cecilia even tries to restrain Juancho and Alejandra when they are unpleasant.


Even if a whole family in Disney’s Encanto is shown to have supernatural talents, that isn’t the only thing that makes their lives interesting. Several questions have been raised about the characters’ personal information, most notably the ages of Encanto characters since Encanto debuted. Fortunately, the musical’s director, Jared Bush, has answered audience members’ questions on Twitter. Finally, he clarifies any confusion about the delivery order in the Madrigal household, taking into account their ages and behavior as an added complexity.


When did the Encanto triplets arrive on the scene?

Julieta. Mother to Isabella, Luisa, and Mirabel, Julieta has a remarkable ability to heal others by feeding them what she has cooked in the kitchen.

What is Maribel’s age in Encanto?

Maribel had just turned the age of fifteen at this moment. It tells the narrative of a magical family, the Madrigals, who live in a Colombian town that is said to be magical.

Is Encanto going to have a villain?

Ages of Encanto characters: Disney’s latest picture, The Nightmare Before Christmas, is unusual for its lack of an opponent; rather, the family and their home are threatened by a mysterious “unknown.”