Adventure weekend getaways for couples!

Adventure weekend, you’ll be engaged in an action-packed, high-energy, and energetic adventure on the stunning North Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore a stunning region and reunite with loved ones is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Fresh air and the azure waves of the Atlantic Ocean serve as the backdrop to your travels. With its smuggler’s coves, sea caves, playful grey seals and diving peregrine falcons, the Pembrokeshire Coast produces experiences that will last a lifetime. The eco-lodge in the Abermawr Valley is a pleasant retreat for tourists who return from their travels to discover a well-stocked bar and home-cooked meals. In this article, we will discuss adventure weekend.

Adrenaline Cocktails-fueled weekend:

When you arrive on Friday night, you’ll be in the capable hands of our hardworking and friendly hospitality and adventure team. They’ve meticulously planned every part of your adventure weekend for comfort and enjoyment. On Friday night, you’ll arrive in time for a delicious home-cooked meal, and you’ll leave either Sunday lunch or Monday morning feeling refreshed following your time in the Welsh countryside.

Weekends in the winter and spring:

Plenty of exciting water activities keep your senses stimulated and your mind clear throughout the cooler months. Here is the perfect weekend escape for you! After a substantial lunch at our eco-lodge retreat, we’ll head out for a hike along the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast. Take a boat excursion around Ramsey Island and then visit St. David’s Cathedral on Sunday. A horseback ride on the Preseli Hills near Fishguard is another option.

Is there a place I can call home?

Every one of your meals will be made by our in-house chef at our restaurant using fresh, locally sourced, or even homegrown foods whenever possible and appropriate. Before embarking on the day’s second excursion, a hearty Welsh breakfast will provide the energy you need to get through the first one. Two-course dinner and a cup of “Merlyn’s Magic” hot chocolate await you at our reclaimed-timber bar in the evening. Two and three-night Adult Adventure Weekend schedule examples:


Arrive at the eco-lodge between 17:00 and 21:00 and take a short stroll through the woods to Abermawr, our local beach, where you can breathe the fresh ocean air. After your journey, return to our cozy lodge for a substantial evening dinner at 19:30 and then relax before your next thrilling journey.


You’ll head to a rural part of North Pembrokeshire for the start of your first trip after a traditional Welsh breakfast. In coasteering, players traverse the intertidal zone of rugged coastlines where land and sea meet. In our opinion, this is the best way to get things going. Swimming, scrambling, climbing and leaping your way through this obstacle course, which includes flowing gullies, whirling plunge pools and spurting blowholes, is a need.

Why not give sea kayaking a whirl this time around?

When you’re done with your first choice of activity, return to the lodge for some cawl, a traditional Welsh soup, and some warm crusty bread before embarking on your second choice of activity. The evening is yours to do as you like, whether stargazing around the fire pit or relaxing in the lodge bar with a well-earned pint or glass of Pembrokeshire cider.


After breakfast, we’ll drive you to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path so you can walk back to the lodge on your own two feet. Sea campion, yellow gorse, and pink thrift flowers fill this well-travelled trail, where curious grey seals can be seen sunning themselves on the rocky shoreline, pods of harbour porpoises and Atlantic seabirds fishing, fulmars soaring, and kittiwake nests. Exploring rock pools in secluded coves may be a captivating experience. Anemones with ruby-red beadlets swing from rock to rock while blennies and winkle shells shimmer in the sunlight.

Entire three-day weekend:

For those who plan to stay for the entire three-day weekend, you may want to consider adding a third activity: practising your paddling skills in preparation for an unforgettable surfing adventure. To perfect your skills, you can have fun in the white water while being guided by an experienced teacher. Because of the crystal-clear waters, sharp summer swells and some of Wales’ best sand-bottom beach breakers, you’ll be riding waves in no time.


If you stay with us for the whole three-night weekend, we’ll say goodbye after a hearty breakfast. As a farewell to us, you might enjoy a local activity such as a boat excursion around RSPB Ramsey Island, horseback riding through the Preselis foothills and the Gwaun Valley, paddle boarding from the scenic Solva harbour, or kite-land-boarding on the spacious Newgale Sands. We can assist you in booking additional activities if you ask.

Thrill-seeking vacations in Wales:

The best way to see North Wales is to climb Snowdon and explore the region. At the same time, Snowdonia is a popular tourist destination, several other places to explore in Wales after conquering the area’s mountains. To help you plan your trip to the United Kingdom, I’ve created this small map of Northern Wales’s attractions. During your adventure weekend in Wales, you may view Snowdonia, Ogwen Valley, the Pen y Pass, Holy Island, and Dinorwic Quarry Llanberis. Wales is home to all of these locations.

In the Gower Peninsula, there are several exciting adventures:

The Gower Peninsula is a great place to spend a fun weekend if you like water sports like swimming, surfing, stand-up paddling, and trail running. Rhossili is one of Rhossili’s most popular spots for folks to take a stroll. You may visit Worms Head at low tide to explore the shipwrecks and bays there. In addition, the climbing in that region is outstanding.

Mountain biking is a popular sport in South Wales:

If you’re looking for some adventure, a trip to Wales is a good choice. In the highlands of South Wales, mountain bikers can select from Cwmcarn, Afan, and Bike Park Wales for a great time.

Opportunities abound in Pembrokeshire:

In Pembrokeshire, a weekend of exploration is sure to be memorable. Bosherston Lily Ponds are a must-see, as are the Freshwater West Beaches, Broad Haven, and Tenby. In addition, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park offers stunning views as you stroll across the park. Climbing, coasteering, and kayaking abound in Pembrokeshire, making it one of the country’s best outdoor recreation sites.


Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is a great place to spend a weekend in the United Kingdom if you’re looking for something a little more low-key. Of course, the city boasts all the fun and bright lights that come with living in a big city, but it also emits a warm and inviting vibe thanks to its diverse population. The Roman ruins at Caerleon and Big Pit, located a little further north, are fun to explore on foot. Here, you may learn more about Wales’ mining history.


What fascinating Adventure weekend are we going to embark on?

Our long-standing connection with the National Trust gives us access to undeveloped estates in North Pembrokeshire. We wait until the last minute to choose the event’s site, considering weather, tides, and waves.

Is it okay if I show up on my own?

Regularly, we welcome lone travellers to join us on our adventure weekends. With a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, the lodge at Preseli Venture is a great place to establish new acquaintances. Preseli Venture is a beautiful place to meet others that share your interests.