Bibit 65m Capital Launches $65 Million VC Fund to Fuel India’s Startup Ecosystem

65m capital indiashutechcrunch: In January 2015, Bibit 65m Capital, India’s largest startup accelerator, announced the launch of a new $65 million venture capital fund. The fund will be managed by Sequoia Capital and Accel Partners and is set to support early-stage startups in India. This move is a significant boon for the Indian startup ecosystem as it allows existing startups—such as Shopify, Ola, and Quikr—to receive additional funding when needed.

65m capital indiashutechcrunch:

This new VC fund comes at an opportune time for Indian entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the rapidly growing technology sector transforming the landscape of Indian commerce. As reported by the Wall Street Journal and Europe Clark Street, venture capitalists are increasingly looking to invest in Indian startups due to their potential for growth and returns. The Bibit 65m Capital fund is just one example of how new capital can help increase the availability of resources for entrepreneurs working to transform India’s economy through innovative technologies.

How Does Bibit 65m Capital Helps Emerging Startups Reach Their Goals?

Bibit 65m Capital is an Indian startup accelerator that helps emerging startups reach their goals. Founded in 2013 by Rohit Sharma and Dinesh Agarwal, owners of well-known companies such as Myntra and Flipkart, Bibit has a presence in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

The team at Bibit offers mentorship to help companies get started on the right foot. They provide investment advice so startups can make wise financial decisions early on. In addition, they offer access to industry resources and contacts that can be invaluable for gaining new customers and expanding into foreign markets.

Through Bibit’s programs, startups can benefit from a wide range of support services, such as market research and strategy development. They also provide hands-on training in digital marketing techniques and insights into data analytics to help emerging companies deliver results.

Recently, Bibit has been working with Deliveroo Europe and Clark Street Journal to give startups even more opportunities to succeed. Through the agreement, Bibit provides mentorship, financial advice and access to resources that can help deliver sustainable growth for early-stage companies.

Deliveroo Raises €650 Million Investment from Bibit 65m Capital.

Deliveroo, a leading online food delivery service in Europe, has raised a €650 million investment from the venture capital firm Bibit 65m Capital. Delivery has expanded rapidly across Europe, with operations in twelve countries and over 60 cities. This new round of funding will help deliver on its mission to become the definitive food company and serve as an engine of growth for restaurants across Europe.

Bibit 65m Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund that provides capital, resources, mentorship, and networks to startups. The firm takes a hands-on approach to work with founders to accelerate their companies’ growth.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the partnership, and deliveroo confirmed the news: “We are delighted to partner with Bibit 65m Capital. Is an ideal fit for deliveroo – their expertise in helping early-stage companies scale will be invaluable as we look to become the definitive food company.”

Bibit 65m Capital Backs Indian Startups with $65 Million Fund

Bibit 65m Capital, a venture capital fund managed by Sequoia Capital and Accel Partners, has launched its latest investment vehicle: the Bibit 65m Fund. With this $65 million fund, Bibit 65m aims to invest in early-stage startups in India.

This is good news for entrepreneurs looking to get their startup off the ground in India; as one of the most active and well-known accelerators in India, investments from Bibit 65m have helped fuel many successful companies like Shopify, Ola and Quikr.

The Bibit 65m Fund will also provide access to resources and mentorship. Bibit 65m Capital has a network of investors, mentors, and advisors that can help startups reach their full potential.

What Does the Bibit 65m Fund Means for the Indian Startup Ecosystem?

Launching the Bibit 65m Fund is a significant milestone for Indian startups and a sign that the ecosystem has officially come of age. The fund, which Deliveroo Europe’s Clark Street Journal launched, represents an unprecedented commitment from VCs to invest in India’s rapidly growing startup sector. Here’s what it could mean for entrepreneurs:

  1. Increased Opportunities for Investment: The launch of the Bibit 65m Fund signifies increased opportunities for investment in India’s startup industry. With this fund, investors will have more capital available to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level and scale up operations faster than ever.


  1. Greater Validation of India’s Startup Ecosystem: The fund’s launch also serves as validation for India’s flourishing startup industry. It is proof that VCs are taking notice of India and recognizing its potential for growth in the technology space.


  1. More Support for Indian Startups: With greater access to capital, more startups can receive the support and resources they need to succeed. This could mean better infrastructure, mentorship, networking opportunities, and other services that can help entrepreneurs become sustainable businesses.

The Benefits of Investing in the Bibit 65m Fund

India’s startup ecosystem has been gaining considerable momentum over the past few years, and the newly launched Bibit 65m Fund seeks to accelerate this growth further. Here are some of the benefits that investors can expect to gain when investing in the fund:


  1. Exposure to Global Markets: The Bibit 65m Fund is a Pan-European venture capital fund that offers exposure to European startups, including Deliveroo and Clark Street Journal. This provides investors access to more investment opportunities worldwide and increased diversification for their portfolios.


  1. Access to Expertise: As a venture capital fund, Bibit 65m will provide investors with access to a team of experts who specialize in helping startups to achieve success. With the help of these professionals, investors can ensure that their investments are managed effectively and efficiently.


  1. Increased Network: Investing in the Bibit 65m Fund will give investors access to a global network of experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. This provides an excellent platform for networking and creating connections with like-minded individuals in the startup ecosystem.


  1. Professional Support: As part of the fund, Bibit 65m offers comprehensive support services such as legal advice, investor relations, market research and fundraising assistance. These services will give investors peace of mind knowing they have professional support to help guide them through their investments.



The Bibit 65m Fund is an essential milestone for the Indian startup ecosystem. It has demonstrated a great deal of potential in this sector, and investors like deliveroo europeclark streetjournal are willing to take a chance on it. This will undoubtedly catalyze further investment into the space, bringing more opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators in India. Ultimately, this is a positive sign for the future of startups in India.