Driving directions to 17th and grove boulder Street, Boulder!

17th and grove boulder is only a short walk from your riverfront house on the South Boulder Creek in Boulder. These condominiums at Madeline Creek are ideal for anyone seeking a place to call home near. Boulder’s 17th and grove neighborhood is located here. Residents of the 17th and Grove Boulder building may enjoy the outdoors on a patio or balcony. Other notable features of this apartment are its pet-friendliness, covered parking, and a recently created rooftop patio lounge with stunning views of the mountains. Let’s discuss more in detail about 17th and grove boulder.

Unrelated Occupants:

Walking or biking to the Transit Center, downtown pubs and restaurants, or your place of employment take only a few minutes. The whole apartment, not just a single bed, may be leased! RHL2012-00639 is the license number. 4 This Zone Is Allowed for Unrelated Occupants.

New York City’s 1700 17th Street:

Boulder, Colorado’s 1700 17th Street is available to the public. The Goss Grove neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, has a lot to offer its inhabitants because of its location. Before strolling around the neighborhood, look at the $2,150-$2,500 one- to four-bedroom flats. You’ll instantly feel at home when you arrive at 1700 17th Street. The Goss Grove neighborhood of Boulder, Colorado, where 1700 17th and grove boulder Street is located, is serviced by the 80302 zip code.

Specs of the House:

Consequently, this area has reached its limit. We will likely have availability in the next spring and summer months. A 30-day notice from residents determines whether or not a property is available. At 2019 Grove Street, residents of Boulder, Colorado’s zip code 80302 may locate apartments. In 1973, construction on these six-flat, two-story houses started.

Floor-to-ceiling window characterize:

Two doors and a floor-to-ceiling window characterize one bedroom. The rooftop patio is breathtaking—the booking of a single parking space. The renter is responsible for the cost of all utilities. Even though this information is considered trustworthy, it can’t be completely relied upon. These flats are available for rent from 8/18/14 to 8/10/15. The price ranges from $1495 to $1575, depending on where you reside and the level of luxury you choose.


BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – 17th and grove boulder Police Department said that on Monday evening, an urgent letter was left for neighborhood residents near the intersection of 17th and Grove Streets. The police removed the shelter-in-place order at roughly 6:40 p.m. For a non-creekside apartment, the cost is $1495. With two kitchens and two living rooms in a four-bedroom apartment, the monthly rent is $2,875. For $1,575.00 a month, you may rent a unit with a stream view.

An investigation by the police:

During an investigation by the police, it was found that an armed and dangerous individual was present. The King Soopers shooting is unconnected to this event, according to the police. CBS4’s Tori Mason said a huge SWAT force surrounded an apartment complex. Some of the persons walking down the street were being accompanied by police officers.

King Soopers shooting:

A relationship with the alleged unit was not evident. At 6:15 p.m., cops who had just left the area tore down the police scene tape. It’s not apparent whether anybody has been arrested. A report of an armed and potentially dangerous man in the vicinity of 17th and Grove is now being investigated, and an urgent warning has been issued. Whether or whether this occurrence is related to the King Soopers shooting is being investigated.

Unique characteristics:

A cluster of bike racks stands out on the 17th and Grove boulder. The 17th and Grove neighborhood in Boulder has a carport. 17th and grove boulder may be where Boulder is situated, where it also acts as a dishwashing machine. This Boulder apartment complex has plenty of storage for its tenants. The 17th and Grove Boulder location’s hardwood floors are another appealing features. Additional features of this crossroads include enormous closets. The 17th and Grove Boulder locations have off-street parking.

Input from Members of the Community:

Laundry Resources and other community services are available to Boulder’s 17th and Grove neighborhood residents. Look in this area of Colorado for it. The Boulder, Colorado Gated Community at 17th and Grove provide residents with easy access to a wide range of amenities. The home near the intersection of 17th and grove boulder provides residents with a sundeck as one of its many features.

According to the facts:

This particular site may be found in the Goss-Grove district of Boulder. Features like a refrigerator and window shades may be seen in the 17th and Grove Boulder, Another notable aspect of the 17th and Grove Boulder neighborhood, is the window coverings.

Folsom Stadium Park:

Folsom Stadium Park and the Dalton Trumbo Fountain Court in Sacramento are all within walking distance. The Universe has smiled upon us in a big way. Because of its central location, the intersection of 17th Street and Grove Street provides convenient access to several forms of public transportation. RelayRides allows you to share a car with others.

Goss-Grove neighborhood of Boulder:

With 1,783 residents, Boulder’s most pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is located here. There are several bike trails in the region, and public transit is readily available. Some of Boulder’s most well-known neighborhoods, such as Whittier and University Hill, are within walking distance, as are Lower Chautauqua, Old North Boulder, and Interurban Park. The following information on the property may have been given by the owner, a third party, or public sources.

Strolling in the Grove is a Piece of Cake:

The vast majority of jobs can be accomplished on foot. In the Goss-Grove Boulder region, most jobs may be completed on foot. With a score of 89, Boulder’s Goss-Grove area has the best walkability. Goss-Grove, University Hill, and Whittier are among Boulder’s most walkable neighborhoods. You’ll find restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops within a three-mile radius of Goss-town Grove’s center. Within a five-minute walk to Goss-Grove, inhabitants may access an average of six eateries, bars, and coffee houses.

A Place to Call Home:

Around 97,385 people live in Boulder, with an average walk score of 56. On two wheels, traveling about Boulder is a cinch since the city has excellent public transit. Goss-Grove, University Hill, and Whittier are three of 17th and grove boulder’s most walkable neighborhoods. There is a coin-operated laundry room on-site, as well as a considerable quantity of closet space. Trulia does not currently list this property for sale or rental.


1700 17th Street is located 23.4 kilometers from the Jefferson County Govt Center/Golden, one of the city’s public transportation alternatives. In 59 minutes, you can get there from Denver International Airport, which is 44.5 miles away and takes 59 minutes. As a cycling mecca, this area will convince you to make this your permanent home. Throughout the weekend, visit one of the twenty breweries in the city.

The setting for this story is Boulder, Colorado:

The foothills of the Rocky Mountains around 17th and grove Boulder, Colorado, a major tourist destination 25 miles northwest of Denver. Boulder is a great location to live and work because of its outspoken bohemian attitude. Tourists who want to challenge themselves in the great outdoors and dine on some of the area’s best cuisine need to go no farther than this region. On Pearl Street and the Hill in Boulder, there are several pubs and clubs where you may have a wonderful time.

Hill is located in Boulder:

The Hill is located in Boulder, Colorado, home to the University of Colorado Boulder, making it an excellent place for students to hang out (CU Boulder). For those looking to live close to the university, Café Aion or the Fox Theater can be a good option. Snow sports, including skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing, are popular activities in the area. If so, you’ve come to the right spot.


The 17th Street and Grove Street intersection has a Walk Score of 93 out of 100. It’s a pedestrian’s paradise so you won’t need a vehicle. These flats are located in an excellent position, between the university and Pearl Street, and have been restored. Living areas with floor-to-ceiling windows and doors leading to private balconies are offered. A new batch of newly renovated bathrooms and kitchens is now available. In a single sentence, all of that and more may be found in 17th and grove boulder.


What about a variety of elements go into determining this score?

To help you evaluate this property, we’ve compiled a simple overview of renter feedback and the property’s best attributes. These analyses considered a wide range of factors, including the building’s design and structure, as well as its outdoor areas and facilities.

What is the Accessibility of 1700 17th St. Pedestrian?

Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes to make the most of your time here. As a result of its proximity to several modes of public transit, this property has a favorable location.